Possible server transfer.

Hello Saurfang,

I am looking to possibly move to this server to look for a better raiding community than my current server has to offer.

I am interested in raiding alliance or horde side on weekends Fri-Sat or Sun either mid-day or evenings NZ time (630-930pm ish) due to work hours.

If anyone has a spot please get in touch with me.

Thank you :)
hi, we are also very interested in finding a weekend raiding guild on this realm. we are planning to transfer our most active toons to this realm if we get to find a guild. we are from Drak'Tharon, you can search for us in armory.

Beawolfe (Disc Priest)
Arrybeth (Holy Pally)
Arianny (Des Lock)

since we're the only 3 active members of our guild and it's hard to find any more people in our realm for a real raid, we decided to give up on our barren realm (with monopolized AH). and we're tired of LFR.
Get in touch with Cryptic on alliance side I have seen them posting for spots for a weekend raid team. I think there is a couple of other groups that raid weekends but I cant recall the guild names. Good luck in your search :)

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