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hey guys i was thinking about upgrading my graphics card. i was looking through them, and was thinking about getting an amd radeon hd 6670 graphics card. with that i would need a bigger power supply and this power supply i was wondering what my fps would be if i tried running on ultra settings? and would i need a better processor?

heres my current hardware:
processor: intel pentium 4 630 3.0ghz
motherboard: intel D915GAG
memory: DDR 2048 MBytes
graphics: ati radeon x300/x550/x 1050 series memory: 32 MBytes
get a 6770... same price and overclocks better....GOOD GOD nevermind with that hardware youre not gonna find any graphics card to fit that, that motherboard only fits pci, and maybe if youre lucky it might have a agp slot that computer is too old to use any modern video card, the fastest card youll be able to find for that thing is maybe... 512 mb if your lucky

im sorry but the only upgrade that will do anything for wow for you is to get a new pc, the socket in that the fastest thing you can stick in it is a core2duo and those are extremely hard to find and expensive, and you have as much ram as that board can hold wwould be far cheaper to just find a new pc
awww alright thanks
The board can't take a Core2:

So you're stuck on a Netburst Pentium up to 3.8ghz. Top cpu is here for $17.50:

That said, it's not worth messing with. You need a new board/cpu/ram + video card. You *might* be able to get WoW playable with a 6670 on low details. I'm not sure though, the cpu is very weak.

Do you have a max budget for this upgrade?
i was hoping to keep the budget within or close to $200......but at this point it doesnt seem possible since id need a motherboard, cpu, graphics, and went onto newegg, and here is what i picked out, tell me if these would be okay/compatible together. if these work, ill try and get the cash together for it. this would run approx $380




Poor CPU. Go with FX-6300 instead.

HD 6770 is outdated. Consider HD 7770.

You will probably need a new power supply.
Those are all non-optimal, basically. Board is too expensive, cpu and gpu are last-gen.

Is your current computer an OEM (Dell, HP, etc) or a home-build? What's the make and rating of your power supply?

If you really want to keep it to $200 and the goal is simply to get WoW playable, you can do that like this, and likely without a psu upgrade (note that the video card has a $20 rebate and it *is* a DDR5 version; beware the DDR3 versions):

So unless Amazon charges tax for you, you'd be set; that should run high settings with medium shadows, even. If you were going to spend $380:

That would run ultra settings, shadows high. There are a few extra bucks to swap 650ti brands (the MSI is $10 more) or maybe a different power supply, though that Antec is a deal - it's 80+ w/o the certification and active pfc.
the computer is a home build. i want to run wow on ultra and run it smoothly. how about these, with the same board i picked?



power supply:
That would get you to ultra. You can save money on the board, a 650ti is faster than a 7770, and actually an I3-3220 + B75 board instead of the FX-6300 will save money as well and give better performance in WoW. I personally went AMD just to support them, but I can't deny that the I3 will outperform the 6300 in WoW and cost less.
ive always liked amd more than intel and nvidia, but ill definately take a further look into intel board and processor and nvidia graphics. thanks for your input it really helped. =)
In the lower end gpus, it goes 7750=650, 7770, 650ti, 7850. AMD is going to release a 7790 that should match the 650ti though, I hear.

As far as I3-3220 vs. FX-6300, the 6300 will be better in many applications, but Intel's IPC advantage gives the I3 an advantage in games sometimes, and WoW happens to really favor Intel cpus. Overall, the 6300 is probably preferable, but you're looking at $130 for the cpu and $70 for the board, minimum, vs. $115 right now for the I3 and $60 for the board.
when is amd releasing a 7790? would it be worth waiting? and what would your recommendations for a motherboard be for the fx-6300, if the one i picked is too expensive? and what did you mean by its too expensive anyway? i can probably get a deal on all this stuff from a computer guy i know well anyway.
and how would this case work with the hardware i picked?
Looks like the 7790 will be released in April. It just depends if you want to wait two months. I'd say it's not really worth waiting since Geforce 650ti cards are priced well right now with rebates, and the 7790 will essentially be on that level or just above. Reference this link for 7790 info -,21447.html

Here are all the 970 chipset boards at Newegg -

It's not that you picked a bad one - that Gigabyte board is great. It's just that it's the most expensive in the list, and on a budget, you might as well save $20-$30. A very popular and capable board is the Asrock Extreme 3, and believe it or not the Biostar TA970 is nice. If you won't mess with overclocking, you could choose any of them except the ECS.

The Coolermaster case you linked is nice - it looks cool. The only downside is that it doesn't have new-school cable management features. For example, check out the Corsair 200R, and notice that the motherboard side is routed for the power supply cables to be tucked underneath and out of the way, and then pulled back through where you need them.

That's not the only case built that way but it's a good one. I just linked it so you could reference the interior picture. Other affordable cases with that feature are the NZXT Source series, Zalman Z5/9 series, or Coolermaster HAF 912.

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