{H}<Nokturnal> LF Raid Leader/Raiders/Casuals

We are in need of a dedicated raid leader. It will be your raid, your rules, your schedule. We have several members with raid experience. If you currently have your own team and looking for a new home, we will welcome all of you. We will supply vent, repairs, and all necessary food and flasks. You must be willing to do old content (MSV, HoF, TeS), if necessary, for the members that may need the gear for ToT.

Our current stats are 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HoF, 4/4 TeS, and 1/12 ToT. Due to several reasons, we lost just about all of our raid team. We are not looking to be the biggest or best raiding guild on the server. We just want a casual raid team with reasonable raid days (at least twice a week) and reasonable times.

I myself do not raid. If you look up my experience, you will not find any. I am simply the old man in the guild who tries to keep things going. So don't base our guild experience on my stats. If interested, hit me up in game. My Battle Tag is Unndertaker#1709

We are ALWAYS open to new casual members as well.
Reposted and updated 5/7/2013

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