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03/17/2013 01:07 AMPosted by Spartaprime

Yep, Bleeding Hollow is a PvP server with tons of wPvPers if you have some interest I'd recommend checking out the FAQ from our forums:

It is a little outdated with the population and raiding stats of course but everything else is pretty much accurate as far as I can vouch for.

I have a small guild but we love to WPVP.. I m a check it out and try to convince them to all go

Great to hear!
If people have questions feel free to ask hopefully we get alot of info bumps from BH players :)
This would actually be nice. It'd be nice to have even more alliance to kill on here.
Hey need more alliance please
When I made the switch to Bleeding hollow, I did the right thing.
Best server I've ever played on. From morning to night there's wpvp going on everywhere.
You can be lvl 10 or lvl 90, and get involved in it. My poor toons on other servers never get any playtime now lol. Glad you made this post Kag. Anyone thinking of coming to BH, you'll end up staying.
@Elbeghast I have seen better trolls but positive troll points for attacking your own server all around I give it 4/10
You are full of it.
I do Thunder Dailies everyday.
AH and gold making is fine, we have a few guildies with well over 200k, even one with 600k.
There are not bots everywhere, LOL i laughed when I read that you troll.
Today me an Chus a friend from another server who likes to group with us so he can be in BH.. found lots of rare's in pandaland.
And you came with guild to a PVP server and you had to farm pvp gear to quest?
lol funny guy.
03/17/2013 04:05 AMPosted by Elbeghast
It doesn't matter how much gold they have; it's how much they can make per hour. My GPH has dropped substantially since the transfer. Gems that sold for 200g on my old realm are going for 20g on BH. Herbs and Ore don't even sell for enough to warrant the farming time required.

Welcome to any high pop server ever

03/17/2013 04:05 AMPosted by Elbeghast
Have you been to Hellfire lately?

CRZ..CRZ to everything in this little post

6/10 for dedication
I don't do the PvPs often, but I will say, the PvPs on BH is quite entertaining.

For those PvE minded people:

Top 10 US Server for progression.

Active. Be it PUGs for all instanced raids, or the world bosses.

Yes, I've been ganked. Was I camped endlessly? NO.
The majority of players understand there is a vast cross section of player types on BH. They'll fight you, and when they see you have NO clue what you're doing, they tend to shy away from you. Most of them REALLY want a challenge, not just free kills. *

People fighting over dailies? Yes. But only until they've completed theirs! Very few people take to camping questing areas. Will they kill you while you're questing? Probably. But when they've handed theirs in, they move on. In most cases, you'll get back to your body and be able to continue on your way.

When things get hairy and the wPvP kicks up, it tends to be OUT of quest areas. Will PvP happen IN a quest area? Yes. However, if things kick up to full on battles, they tend to move to areas free of Mobs, which allows you to go back to questing!

The economy is active, take Elbeghast's word for it.. You don't have to be gold capped to support your Raiding or PvP'ing. The AH has a quick turnover. Just remember, relative prices are relative. 20g vs 200g, cause the Ore is much cheaper. ;)

Higher Population server, and you will only find a queue on major content releases. (10 Mins is my max wait, after MoP release, and never again since.)

* You might find some of those players. It happens everywhere.
<Ironwolf Clan> would like to say 'Hello'. All they do is camp quest hubs.

Very much dislike Ironwolf Clan.
We transferred here ~3 weeks ago because we were looking for more of a challenge (in regards to WPvP). In that aspect, no complaints. The biggest problem, stemming from imbalance, is the fact that the Horde fall under one 900+ toon guild and the Alliance are split into three that don't get along. Notice how my guild of 325+ wasn't mentioned.

Great server to join, but be warned.
<Ironwolf Clan> would like to say 'Hello'. All they do is camp quest hubs.

Very much dislike Ironwolf Clan.

Nobody likes IWC.
Join alliance on Bleeding Hollow? No thanks. Rather not be on the receiving end of ganks from a particular death knight, rogue and warrior that I know. They get me enough on Terenas. -_- If I were to join, I'd be horde.
03/17/2013 03:34 AMPosted by Elbeghast
@Elbeghast I have seen better trolls but positive troll points for attacking your own server all around I give it 4/10

I hate Bleeding Hollow.
I had to farm a PvP set just so I could do dailies.

Must be tough. I'd highly recommend a PvE server.
Do you really love me though?
Meh.. I server transferred/faction changed to Bleeding Hollow a few weeks ago. Far more world PVP than there was on the previous server that I played on. There seems to be a slight imbalance.. but that could possibly vary with the peak times and what not. Horde seems to get the numbers very easily.

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