Does anyone no why my addons stop working

UI and Macro
I only do arenas, and during most arenas, my macros just stop working. It is mainly my targeting enemies macros which are...

/target arena1

/target arena2

/target arena3

Usually after 1-3 arena games, arena1-3 macros jsut tsop working, not all at once but sometimes its like 1 and 3 work but 2 doesnt, sometimes 1 just works and 2 and 3 doesnt. I have to relog every time this happens after an arena which is very frustrating. I use other macros as well like focus silencing shot, however ive never seen this stop working since ive created it. I had this problem last season on my rdruid, i had to delete my cyclone and hibernate macros because during arena they stop working randomly. They work, its just they sometimes stop working randomly. Anyone know what the problem be?

Heres my addons that i have enabled while i arena...

Weak Auras
Move Anything
Plate Buffs

Also I use a razer naga, I have those macros keybound to 3, 6, 9. (i use num pad option forthe mouse, and yes my num lock is on thats not the problem)
I don't know what the problem is, but myself I would start with key binds and back track from there.
Delete your problematic macros completely and drag them off the bars. Make them fresh. Hit Save after you make them. Re-drag to actionbars.
Sedivy, I have already tried that, they always just bug out. I don't understand..
still need help!! plz!!
The only thing off of that list that you're showing, that could possibly affect this that I can see anyway, would be Bartender4. Can you try disabling that and see if you still have the issue?

Also, you mention you're using naga. Are you trying to bind stuff to shift+numlock?
Are you using application specific profiles in razer naga drivers utility (if you're using it at all)?

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