Best gear To get at level 90( for pvp)

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Is it honor point gear ? Can u even get that at 90 ? I don't know ... Can anyone tell me the best pvp gear to get at level 90!??
Right now the best thing you can start with Malevolent Gladiator Gear, then work up from there. You'll find the PvP vendor out on the great wall in a tower between Townlong and Kun Lai Summit. Open up your map and you'll see a small pvp icon showing the location.
Do u buy it with honor
Do u buy it with honor

Yes. Malevolent Gear is purchasable with Honor. <-- The Honor NPC in Kun-Lai

Tyrannical Gear costs Conquest. You can earn 2200 Conquest points a week with BG's, Arena, and Isle quests. <-- The Conquest NPC in Kun-Lai

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