<The Devils knights> new10m LF all

We are a group of friends that took a break once mop came out and now back into playing
We are looking to find consistent core group of hardcore raiders 490+ to raid with and help one another rise to the top and progress in new content raid times 7pm st wed/thur/sun. Researching fights before attempting new bosses, and bringing enough food, flasks, and potions for raid is key so please come prepared. If your only interested in hiting it and quiting it after loot then pls don't waste our time. We want a group to progress with not pug with if you think this could be you then feel free to contack me in game battle tag (striker2087#1481) or on here thank you.

1 tank pref(war or paly)
1healer pref (hpaly or druid)
1 rdps pref(druid,hunter,mage)
1 mdps pref(druid,rogue,)

free repairs and perks cotack me at battle tag (striker2087#1481) or in game ty
- Character/Realm: I am currently VIERDIN (character name) on ILLIDAN.
- Character Specs: Ilvl 510, Progression is 8/12 ToT (this character); 10/12 on VOLHARD (main)
- Seeking: 10 man raiding guild without an other prot paladin and low on the DK or Paladin DPS.
- Availability: Friday, Saturday Nights
- Contact: VOLHARD#1509 (realID)

Wouldn't be able to make tuesdays unfortunately.

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