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Inq was annoying enough that I rolled switched to my hunter and started a mage. Both do better damage, better pvp, and no need to bother with an annoying buff that is needed to just come sub-par to other classes.

Mage DPS relies on their Mage Bomb at 75.

Looking at the three bomb options, you've essentially chosen a class that requires you to juggle a specific (de)buff 5~6 times a minute, where Inq is only twice a minute.

Nice call, man.

Most people call that an attack, and not a debuff. It also is not required to still do sub-par pvp or pve dps. It also does not have a build up that starts you off at bad dps.
Seriously? Are people really complaining about needing to keep up a SINGLE buff? I can't help but think of the people that say Inquisition is too tedious as the type of person that has never played an MMO other than World of Warcraft. FFS, there's a class in RIFT that needs to keep 5 different bleeds on the target or their DPS takes a nose dive because their damaging builder scales based on the number of bleeds on the target. That's tedious, not Inquisition.
I bet if they just changed the name to Seal of Inquisition, people would shuddup about it.
Inquisition works fine on pve, is just annoying when you do dailies... >.>

Mage DPS relies on their Mage Bomb at 75.

Looking at the three bomb options, you've essentially chosen a class that requires you to juggle a specific (de)buff 5~6 times a minute, where Inq is only twice a minute.

Nice call, man.

Most people call that an attack, and not a debuff. It also is not required to still do sub-par pvp or pve dps. It also does not have a build up that starts you off at bad dps.

Wait until you get 90 on your Mage then.

Now you rely on either sitting in a rune for Mana or using Invocation for Mana...

Either way, Gronard is right - many classes rely on some type of middling micro-management. I'm even surprised you mention Hunters which have quite a bit of micro-management with just the pet. Retribution Paladin, arguably, has it the easiest out of all the classes. Seal of Truth merely requires smacking a person and using Inquisition requires 3 Holy Power every 30ish seconds. I think the only other class where it really gets "easier" is Frost Death Knights really.
bind wings to alt f4

Heh. Tell people to bind Inquisition to Alt F4.

"What I have no problems with my browser when refreshing Inquisition</sarcasm>."

Or bind it to F5. Refresh ftw!
Inquisition really isn't that bad in the grand scheme of things. But let's be's annoying as !@#$ when you're close to landing a kill and you have to choose between refreshing inq or using subpar burst and hoping the -30% holy damage and -10% crit won't mean the difference. That's really the only time it's annoying, though. Would be cool if there were 2 inquisition spells - the one we have now and the choice to only use 1 holy power for a quick 10 second buff, specifically for the situation I just mentioned. Or is there a macro I don't know about that does this?
Its fine as is needs no changing
No it isn't that bad at all. Makes it feel like other classes though, namely rogues and their slice and dice. Why not be something more unique, like I've mentioned already about acting more like Prot. Holy Power? Come on we basically are rogues in plate(which don't mean !@#$) with no stealth.
What about making Inquisition passive and changing Truth to a 30 second cd which applies the censure dot to all your abilities including Divine Storm?
Sounds too much like the vanilla 30 second seal system.

No thanks.
Inquisition maintenance isn't as bothersome when you use Divine Purpose, or Sanctified Wrath. It is rather annoying when solo'n dailies no matter what tbh or when leveling up (making Ret more brutal than Fury for leveling), and when comparing the loose rotation of 70 Ret vs Inquisition Ret, it doesn't feel as 'fluid' and can have a 'clunky' feel to it.

The 5.2 change to AV cd to 2 mins, has helped off set the clunky factor a bit, since this more readily puts HoW in the mix.

Additionally, in PvP this gives Ret more control over their spike and perceived damage capabilities, something essential to successful Ret PvP. Other melee are like cars with automatic transmission, while Rets are like a car with manual transmission. This allows us to be underestimated in how geared we are and how much damage we can do. You can 'soft pressure' a target who starts thinking of you as nothing but a gnat, and then when the time is right, hit the juice and burst them down, often taking them completely off guard.

Do I like it? Not really despite how I take advantage of it in PvP. I'd much rather have Inquisition be a short range AoE attack equivalent to a 2 hp Harsh Words that has a 10 sec cd and provides the +10%/+30% buff instead (where it could be glyphed to single target with increased range). It would help to fill the void of losing Holy Wrath for popping out stealthies, and help eliminated that gap that comes up about every 45 secs where we are just waiting on skill cd's. Have it generate 2 hp and remove hp generation from Judgement.

Sorry, but I didn't like losing diversity of attacks and capabilities to be IV'd into a damage/crit buff. I disagree with a lot of the changes they did in 5.0 to Ret. Especially the whole gutting our spec and giving it to Holy and Prot.

I know, I have radical ideas and thoughts, but I'm also repeatedly told how I'm one of the extreme few that knows how to play Ret in PvP compared to the armies of Ret-terds, and BT with me so they can queue with me and walk in my destructive wake.
What people are missing is that inq is an artificial mechanic that is needed near 100% up time to make us sub-par to other classes in DPS. It serves no purpose, as there is always something else to spend holy power on. As it always needs to be up, then the question is why abilities like it (and druids, monks, and rogues) even exist. Anyways, it is a quality of life change that I no longer overly care about as pink tallstrider pet + pink tallstrider mount + pink tallstrider companion pet wins out every time.
Ask any rogue about SnD. I enjoyed my pally the most in wrath and totally hate it ever since holy power was introduced. Why does blizzard have to make everything into a rogue? As a rogue player since vanilla, I roll other classes for change of taste. Now great, they all the same. I hate my spriest too. I'll never roll a monk. Good thing I have a Mage, which blizzard hasn't turned it into a rogue. Yet.
Inquisition is generally accepted as an idiotic system, anyone who tells you otherwise is attempting to look more "hardcore" but defending systems that are incredibly awful as the general belief is "!@#$ty mechanics = hardcore, fun mechanics = lawl its for casuals"

I highly recommend posting on arenajunkies for advice about game mechanics, these forums are rarely going to get you answers from people who care enough to give a straight answer
Inq sucks, but I also hate every maintenance mechanic. I'm lazy.

the only thing that bugs me about inquisition is the gcd on it feels so much longer than the ones on my other dps abilities like crustrike judge and tv. kinda throws off the flow man!
I would say most people that complain about Inq. (and rightfully so from my point of view) are really upset that they are at a disadvantage out of the box. What blizzard is saying is sorry you cant be at your full potential until we put THIS button in to boost your dps, sorry we are gating your potential AND then regating it every 30 seconds or so... because that makes for fun and good gameplay. NO. Now I accept it as it is becaue I like playing a Paladin so much I have 4 of them. That doesn't mean that I enjoy Inq. as an "ability", its absolutely one of the worst buttons in the game, but I have to deal with it. If people don't complain then Blizzard will never work to change it.

It's not by coincidence that people also find Holy Power clunky for Ret... because it IS clunky. It's first iteration for Ret was BAD (very bad, and im not even sure how the hell it went live), and thats just the way it is. It is better now, but its still not where it should have been years ago (and the pace of change is glacial). Clearly Holy Power was designed around the Holy Pally because it works so nicely and smoothly now and has from the beginning. Then Ret was shoehorned in afterward.
Whats your Inq bind. Mines Naga Button 2

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