Summer Time?

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Qiraji Guardling spawns during the Summer Months which is (in WoW Terms) March 20th to Sept 23rd.

It is already March 20th on our server, do we have to wait for the North American Servers to hit March 20th as well before it is active?
The guess at the moment will be either March 21st or May 1st. There's a discussion in the Warcraft Pets forums if you want to keep up to date :)

Edit - Just checked - nothing so far. The debate rages. Money's now either on 21st US time, or May 1st or June 21st. *sigh*

Update - Mumper has confirmed we have a wait -

'The Qiraji Guardling will be available in the summertime. Still a few months to go.'
Just got the Qiraji Guardling and Summer Bass. I was able to finally finish getting the "Salty" title.

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