Chill Spot SW - Cata Flying and above!

Hey guys, just a tad bored waiting around for LFG on my Hunter. I came across this grassy area directly south-west of the Stormwind trade district bank, you all probably know about it already, nothing special except that to get over the bank and in their you need cata flying.

Wouldn't be a bad spot for the higher level players to hang out, it's literally right beside the bank (south-west). You just need to fly over the bank roof and you're there.

Come hang, don't come hang, I don't care but I'll be chillin their whenever I'm waiting around in SW on my chars, very welcome to join me. :)
I'd just like to add, the most that have been 'chillin' their so far is around 8 people and since people have come and gone one player has learnt something about her class, and I learnt how to fly my mount upside down :P So far everyone who has showed up is friendly and willing to have a convo. Back in the day before all the expansions people used to chat a lot more in-game, no matter what you were doing. It's died off now mainly because of the level spread and the fact everyone is in a guild basically but it would be cool to have a spot were you know you can go to actually have a convo or just chill and listen to what others are talking about.

PS: Feel free to come troll :) more the merrier!

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