5.2 Combat Spec Feels Clunky

I leveled as combat, but that was in 5.1. Since then, I geared up on heroics using assassination. Now, I've started doing LFR as assassination. Over the last 1.5 weeks I've gotten two slow one-handers. I figured I'd flop back to combat and play with it awhile since my combat spec weapons were now higher iLvl than my daggers.

What an odd feel this spec has. Maybe it's me--I readily admit I came back to WoW about 7 weeks ago--but combat feels so clunky. With assassination the damage seemed to roll at a steady pace. Combat seems a lot more disjointed. You burn your cooldowns and see a spike, but then you're suddenly energy starved and your SnD just went out.

I follow the rotation: Ambush from stealth, Revealing strike, SS, SS, SnD. Then SS to 5point rupture. SS to 5 point ambush. Maintain SnD/Rupture at 5points. Burn cooldowns as they are available. Maintain revealing strike debuff.

Am I doing something wrong? Is rupture worth maintaining? Is reforging all items toward haste necessary? Help meh!
Any specific haste level that is the minimum or simply reforge to maximize?
Update: ok, thanks Mafic. Your suggestions have fixed the clunkiness. Appreciate the help. Dropped rupture on the normal rotation and reforged to haste. Gracias!

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