What am I doing wrong?

I have been checking my WoL lately and notice that I never really go above 66% of limit...ever. I think I know my rotation, but apparently I'm doing something wrong. I'm in the top 3 of DPS in my guild...



Same fights -- Top on is my parse from WoL from my PC -- second is from our Warrior Tank.
First thing I notice from glancing at your character sheet is you're way over the 7.5% hit cap. This is why I'm personally holding off on the VP trinket since I would never be able to reforge away all the useless hit.

Not entirely sure what you mean by "never really go above 66% of limit". Maybe I'm just having a brainfart.

For your gear level I expect you should be doing a bit more on patchwerk-style fights like Jin-Rokh. Are you maximizing time in the pools, or are your tanks being slow with dragging the boss over to them? Missing out on that buff is a huge dps loss. Also your rupture uptime should probably be a few % points higher on a fight like that. Nitpicking here, yes, but every little bit counts.

I notice (at least on Jin, I didn't check the other log) that you're only using one Virmen's Bite. Double-potting should add a nice chunk of damage.

Also I see in some spots where you have a crit/haste piece you're forging away the haste, and on your helmet you're forging haste into crit. Both stats are similar in terms of usefulness, however with the 5.2 trinkets and the RPPM system I believe haste is slightly more valuable than it used to be.
Thanks Kzaela... I have been using Shadowcraft in lieu of Robot...

Yeah our tanks don't drag him around too much so myself and the ret pally get shafted on the dps there.

The "66% of limit" part is whether I would be ranking on a fight or not.
The pools will contribute a lot to your damage on Jin'rokh and as was stated thats really on your tanks. Your envenom buff uptime is a bit low on Jin'Rokh. You want to make sure you are not clipping envenoms and you are pooling energy so that you can get 2 mutilates off during each envenom buff. On horridon you have low rupture uptime on top of the low envenom uptime. Your reforges don't make a whole lot of sense. As noted earlier you are way over the hit cap and you've even reforged out of mastery on a piece (a definite no no).

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