[10] LF Exceptional raiders for core spots.

Guild Recruitment
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<Triple Pow> (16/16 Heroic pre 5.2) (4/13H ToT) (Server: Illidan) Is a 10 man guild consisting of tight knit, competent and competitive raiders.

Core spot available immediately for the following:

- Resto Shaman (Ele OS) [High]
- Discipline Priest [High]
- Holy Paladin [High]
- Mistweaver [High]

- Hunter [High]
- Mage [Low]
- Warlock [Low]
- Shadow Priest [Low]

We encourage all exceptional players to apply Tanks / Healers / DPS

Definition of "Exceptional"
Unusual; not typical.
Unusually good; outstanding.

Raid Schedule & Times:
- Sunday - (If people can make it) 11pm-2am (EST)/10pm - 1am (CST)/8pm-11pm(PST)
- Monday - 11pm-3am (EST)/10pm - 2am (CST)/8pm-12pm(PST)
- Tuesday - 11pm-3am (EST)/10pm - 2am (CST)/8pm-12pm(PST)
- Wednesday - 11pm-3am (EST)/10pm - 2am (CST)/8pm-12pm(PST)
- Thursday - 11pm-3am (EST)/10pm - 2am (CST)/8pm-12pm(PST)

- Attendance: We require a near 100% attendance from our raiders and at a push, a minimum of 90%. This makes for a very tight-knit raiding team with little back-ups.
- Awareness: This is a simple concept, if you cant move out of something, or hit a button when you are supposed to without someone telling you, this is not the guild for you.
- Class Knowledge: This is huge. You are not going to be baby sat. You are expected to pull your weight in damage, healing, or whatever else your responsibility may be.
- Logs: We all parse, we all rank, we want players who do the same.
- Integrity: This isn't social hour nor is it high school. Come in kill things, succeed, everyone will be happy. Any drama will result in an immediate removal from the guild.

What to Expect From Us:
- No raid slots are ever guaranteed, but rather performance based. If you show up consistently, perform well, and come prepared...you WILL raid. You will find competent raiders with unrelenting dedication and commitment to ALL of their classes.

Contact Information:
- Contact via RealID -
Leisureforce#1717 (Atmosphere)
Ilithya#1718 (Nonstopdisko)
Maceinyoface#1932 (Maceinyoface)
Canadianeh#1272 (Noxidus)
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