Retribution PVP truth or justice?

hello guys,

i rly want to know wath you guys prefer for pvp after the buff on seal of justice to 20% holy dmg, i know seal of truth have bigger dmg with 5 stacks, but thinking in a big cd usage (angel, wings and holy avenger) maybe seal of justice do more dmg than truths dot...

i rly dont know wath to use Oo
any tips?
I'm just using truth, and i speced into burden of guilt. Range snare is always better, and ret sustained isn't that great so, we could use all the damage we can get. For arenas the 30 second hammer will be top priority no doubt.
it really is situational. truth is more damage, but sometimes having your own snare is much more worthwhile. talent choice is also pretty important (foj vs. bog)

i'm sorry if you leave with more questions than answers, but you might wanna try seal of insight with gylph of battle healer. i've been messing around with it in BG's this week and it's pretty sweet. my best advice is to mess around with all three seals in different situations and get a feel for all of it yourself

oh, teammates matter too. i can't see myself using either SoJ or burden of guilt when i've got a pocket DK, playing dk-ret-disc or something like that
Glyph of battle healer is lots of fun in random bgs:)

I usually spec BoG so I run with truth.

30 second stun is nice but with BoG I can snare those pesky hunters and mages and also kite other melee.
wow alot of repply thx for the feedback =]
It really is situational and a matter of preference like my fellow paladins have said. I know somme more advanced players will go 5 stacks of truth then switch to justice and then switch back before the stack wears off. I personally don't have that great of an attention span and I don't have enough buttons for seals but it's an option.

Outside of that, if you are in BGs, whether random or rated, I think most pallies will tell you truth and burden of guilt. The snare is pretty huge when you are focusing down targets that may try to run away. Additionally, if you have to run the flag briefly you can really get some distance from someone by burdening them and using long arm of the law.

In the arena, it really depends on what comp you run and what you feel comfortable with. If you are playing with another class that has great snares like a warrior, or DK, you can probably go truth and fist of justice. If you are playing with a ranged class that might be pillar humping a lot, you might be better off with fist of justice and seal of justice or truth and burden of guilt.

I personally love burden of guilt and how it gives me the ability to kite and limits other's ability to kite me. I have won several arena matches when the situation turns into a 1v1 just by kiting and healing myself with divine purpose procs. Dueling can be useful for scenarios like this.

Good luck!

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