Boomkin LF Raiding Team Spot.

Have been looking everywhere for the perfect guild...however still looking!.

I am a 482ilvl Balanced Druid. i haven't had much of a chance to raid Mop at all...only have MSV10 3 Boss exp. I am extremely good with my class, however, as i have played this toon since BC.

I am looking for a guild that raids early afternoons. I am available to raid any day from 12pm ST till about 7pm ST. If a horde opportunity opens, then I'm willing to transfer and try it out. =)

If this sounds like you, then add my real ID to have a chat:

P.S: I am also quite a good team player and social doing old content raids and Dungeon/heroic runs is ALSO my cup of tea. =p and have also got 7 90s that i could potentially use for raids also...will just need to gear them up first

Hey greatly appreciate it...i'll have a look at it. i'll see what other answers come up....its a bit hard raiding late since i work from 4am the next morning, 6 days a week =p

IAC raids 6 - 9ST, so still too late for you sadly.

With your times you would be best looking for an early evening US guild, non of which you will find on this server however :(

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