Incarnation or Force of Nature

in PvP?

I've always liked Force of Nature due to its short CD and it's CD lines up with the PvP trinket. With the Force of Nature buff, is it up to par with Incarnation yet?

Tbh I could never use Incarnation it to its full potential. Whenever people see me in that armor they start focusing me -_-
spec? answer is prob still Incarnation either way but still better to give more details.
Oh right, I meant as Balance for rbg's or just PvP in general.

Never ever take tree of nature. The damage from the trents STILL doesn't scale properly and will not do nearly as much as you could do on your own w/ Incarnation. Plus, they're easy to kill.

What comp are you running in RBGs? Do you use Glyph of Stars?
If you're getting super focused, might just want to change up your strats, maybe even change gemming/reforging or look at where you are getting focused. Do you get into the middle of things or sit back? How are your CCs? How is your team at CCing?
i wanted to like treants but really, theyre just bad

currently using soul of the forest atm and really enjoying it, 15% haste buff is up a lot and more frequent starfalls

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