Ret trinkets 5.2

This is a call to all the theorycrafters out there. Have you punched the #'s yet? I'm kinda grossed out by the high amount of hit and expertise on these new trinkets since I feel like I'll be way over cap by the time I get T15 gear (even with trying to reforge out of them).

From what I've seen calculated, the shadow pan assault trinket is ranking pretty damn high, but the expertise on it makes me wary.

I've also heard they hotfixed the ICD on the new trinkets with a buff...anyone been able to factor those changes into their calculations?
Would like to know how good the shado pan is compaired to the feather as well..
This might help:

GC lets you know ICD and you can kind of see which would be the best overall. :)
It's probably pretty good. I haven't done the napkin math on it so let's look at it now based on my current gear. The 75 second icd is about twice that of the Lie Shen's Final Orders. So in essence I would be trading about 1000 haste for 1400 Expertise and what is it, 2800 strength on a 45 sec icd for 8800 strength on a 75 sec icd? Roughly?

I think based on my current gear I could reforge out of 800 expertise plus another 560 from the actual trinket. I would have to reforge that first 800 into Mastery or Crit based on itemization and I could reforge the last 560 exp into haste so in essence I'd probably be doing:

-450 haste
+800 Mastery/Crit
+3200 strength every minute and a half or so

That looks worth it on paper.

Mr Robot gives it quite a bit higher rating than Lei Shen's LFR and actually any other listed trinket.
I can't believe you guys have been that lucky to get any kind of a trink out of regular raids and LFR, I guess blizz just hates some of us.

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