How much resil should I have? (Ret)

I'm currently gemmed for straight PvP power, but I was wondering if I should be stacking more resil. Thanks in advance!
If you do arenas you should be gemming straight resil(going for socket bonuses). With your gear being mostly 476 honor you should be around 68-69% resil.
Thanks for the response, I'm trying to do RBG's and Arenas. Would you recommend straight resil for RBG's as well?
I've actually just started doing something new, but I wouldn't reccomend it without full Malevolent and JC perks.

Instead of straight resil in my yellow slots, I've gone PvP Power/Resil in both my yellow slots and blue slots because it's a green gem. I've gone str/resil in my red slots, but because I'm a JC two of those red slots are 160 str/320 resil which is pretty great.

Overall I'm still sitting on around 66% resilience (more than enough imo) but I'm also up at 50.9% power from around 48% that I was before. Seems neglible, but did several BGs last night, continously topped the charts as I always have, but I also had a rather great game that went 35 KBs, 1 death, and 11 million damage. Guess it's mostly a personal preference thing for me, since I do usually run with geared healers, but yeah, currently going with 7 vivid gems.

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