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Most of you have seen the advertisements in trade, maybe received a whisper and invite. But little is known about this new guild that is growing a remarkable rate. Who are we? What are we all about? What are our goals? Where did we come from? What do we want from our members? When will we Stop Recruiting?

Well, hopefully this post will answer many of your questions and shed some light on this Old / New group of people.

We are actively recruiting members for the social aspect of the guild PST anyone in game for an invite. As well as Social Officers.

We are recruiting Raiders and pvpers to fill core groups. For our core Raiders and PVPer’s we will pay for all repairs Food & Flasks. Pending that our guild economy stays strong we will help with gemming, enchanting and gearing properly.

We are especially seeking Solid and Experienced Raid Leaders and PVP Leaders . We will recruit to fill every core group we can based on every leader we get. If you think you are a leader please speak with me and we can discuss further.

For our Social Members, We offer repairs to all members. There are 3 tabs in the bank with free stuff for everyone. We keep free tabards in the bank as well as try to keep bags in the bank for people who need them We adjust the daily allowance Higher and lower based on guild bank funds and will always pay as much as we can towards repairs.

Now to the Questions.

Who are we?
Well we are a Family run guild managed primarily by 4 brothers. We have been playing in a range, one from Release some from BC & LK and one late bloomer barley starting in Mop. We were in the past primarily a PVE Guild but will be Setting aside a special place for the oh so many PVPers on our server.

What are we all about?
Well, were just trying to enjoy the game the best way we can. We are striving to make a good Friendly, Respectful, and Mature place for people to hang out make friends, and run anything and everything with.

What are our goals?
Our Ultimate goal is to do many things. First, we will go back to what we did in Cata. We are looking run multiple raid groups on Different Time schedules to meet as many of the schedules we can for the members who wish to raid. We are going to strive to have 5 10 man teams or more depending on what we feel we can accomplish.

Where did we come from?
Well, we have been on this server for a while. We were around in Late Cata Starting out but growing rapidly then as well. Some IRL issues came up for us all that forced us to take a turn and deal with life and Families.

What do we want from our members?
We don’t ask much. Our main request from anyone in the guild is to be respectful to everyone in guild and out of guild. World of Warcraft is just a game. Our primary founders and leaders feel that there is no reason to be rude to uneducated players rather Help them become better, nor Feed on Trolls. We have Other Requests or Rules that are put in place for Core Raiders and PVPers but nothing excessive in fact probably more lenient then most raiding guilds.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Should you feel I left anything out or have further questions please contact me in game by PST or IGM.

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