[A] Seeking Tank/Healer 3/13 Guild

Still looking for a Hunter and Mage ! :)
Still chasing that keen mage ! :)
Deeps !
Looking for a healer :)
Bumps =)
Looking for a healer :)

Is this cause the current ones don't want to heal moonie
Mooniee #1 DPS dealer.
I heal myself with heart strike
Healers and Tanks on Alli side Saurfang ?

Just no where at all lol
Sup healers and Tanks !

We are still looking for you :)

Update: Raid times have changed to appeal to more people 7:30 - 11pm same raid nights.
will be transferring to my home server sometime this week and re roll alliance if possible if i can find a constant raiding guild
Tell me more about the alt runs.

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