5.2 trinket PVE

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Was wondering if any spriests have tested or know how this trinket works. Tooltip says it procs "each time your harmful spell hits" does that mean that it only works on landing spells? or does each dot count as harmful?


Anyone has an idea how good this trinket works with Light of Cosmos (from Elegon) ?

- Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault – 15% chance on landing harmful spell. 45sec ICD

First comment on wowhead.

So, when your dots tick it has a 15% chance to give you 8800 haste and then it will not have a chance to proc for another 45 seconds. Then it can proc again after that.
I believe it was changed to not proc off of periodic damage (though Mind Flay still seems to work).

Happy reading!
thanks Woaden, however I don't know exactly what you are pointing me to read. The link opens the forum page and thats it.
but thanks for the answer to everyone.

I just bought it, since it's better than what I had anyways.


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