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I have not played a retribution paladin for a long time, the last time i had played WOW was during BC and WOTLK on my old account. Coming back to it in the end of Cata for a headstart, things have been more confusing and i was wondering if i could ask for some advice.
My DPS is flat out awful it seems, the only time i can hit 115k dps(using Skada) for only a few seconds during when my CDs are popped.
My Rotation goes as follows below:
2.Crusader Strike
5. (repeat 1-3)
6. get 2 more charges then for templars verdict
7. rinse and repeat, through that CDs are popped during it to.

Feel free to armory me im sure i know the stat priority, but if im wrong somewhere please let me know.
I have not been able to get into many raids because people wanted me to go holy spec...Well im not your b***h, I will play how i want when it comes to specs.
Please someone with experienced dps, and proof of your dps comment and give me a few tips, No hate comments please.
You're way over the hit and expertise caps (7.5% each).

It sounds like you're using an actual rotation, but we use a priority system, not a fixed rotation. Also, you don't need to wait for 5 HP to use TV--that just depends on how ability cooldowns line up. Anyway, check here for the priority list and other information that may be helpful:
In addition to what Keten has already mentioned about your hit and expertise, your gemming is atrocious. You appear to be beyond the point where haste-biased gemming becomes more valuable than strength-biased (can't confirm at the moment; simming other things). The real problem with your gems, though, is that you don't seem to have any bias.

A strength-biased gem setup uses Bold red gems in red sockets and prismatic sockets, Fierce (strength/haste) orange gems in yellows, and Etched (strength/hit) purple gems in blues. A haste-biased setup uses Fierce oranges in red sockets, Quick yellows in both yellow and prismatic sockets, and Lightning (haste/hit) green in blues.

That's not going to be a miracle fix, though; Keten also mentioned you're using a semi-strict rotation where you should be using a simple priority system. Look into using CLCRet until you become more familiar with the current system. Also, Judgment first - always. You're using Long Arm, so Judgment will get you into melee range faster, start stacking Censure immediately, and give you Holy Power before anything else.

Only other thing really holding you back is your weapon enchant (don't worry about it, though, as new weapons are readily available in the new raid) and a lack of your 4pT14. A fellow Ret broke his 4pT14 and saw a noticeable DPS loss, despite the new piece being 16 item levels higher; I suggested he go back to the 4p, and his DPS went back up to where it had been. So far, we've been really lucky with set bonuses - some of the best of any this expansion. They really do help.

EDIT: Just simmed stat weights for you - haste-biased gemming is the way to go, but by a slim margin; typically anything between .45~.5+ is when haste becomes superior. And weights are as follows.

Strength - 3.51 (1.00)
Hit - 3.44 (.98)
Expertise - 2.48 (.71)
Haste - 1.6 (.46)
Crit - 1.21 (.35)
Mastery - 1.16 (.33)
Grog your mocking his gemming and gearing when yours is completly wrong O.o

I can give you a basic rotation without going into hours of detail of little tricks u can do to maximize. Its a priority system as previously mentioned and Im going to list your highest priority. Obviously some u cant use without the hp. You also want to make sure 3 Stack Inquisition is up at all times. When refreshing, Make sure there is only 1-3 seconds left at most.

1. Execution Sentance (Currently your hardest hitting single target attack, Use with cds for greatest benefit)
2. Hammer of Wrath
3. Templars Verdict
4. Exorcism
5. Judgment
6. Crusader Strike
Oh? Enlighten me.
I don't see any mocking in this thread... yet.
1. Execution Sentance (Currently your hardest hitting single target attack, Use with cds for greatest benefit)
2. Hammer of Wrath
3. Templars Verdict
4. Exorcism
5. Judgment
6. Crusader Strike

Prioritizing a Holy Power generator over a finisher? That's wasteful and bad. CS is also typically used before Judgment outside of Wings/HA to smooth out ability cooldown clashes. A more accurate priority list would be:

Inq > ES/LH > TV5 (that is, Templar's Verdict cast at 5 Holy Power) > HoW > Exo > CS > Jud
Download CLCRet addon. Configure it with the priority of:

inq tvdp tv5 es how exo cs j tv3

Also configure it to refresh Inquisition under 3 Seconds at 3 Holy Power

You now have an addon that literally tells you what button you should be pressing. The only time this changes is during Avenging Wrath which:

If you have Sanctified Wrath your rotation is: HoW > Judgment > HoW > TV repeat
If you have Holy Avenger: HoW > TV > Judgment > TV repeat unless the situation allows for HoW > TV repeat(Heroism for example).

Don't use pure strength gems anymore. Your hit and expertise gems are fine since otherwise you would be below the 7.50% cap for each but:

Red Socket: 80 strength/160 Haste
Green: 160 Hit / 160 Haste Unless the hit won't do you any good then 320 Haste
Yellow: 320 Haste.
Glor again has no idea what hes talking about. There are situation where your rotation priority changes (Trinket procs, bursting, etc Firo you can find me in game for a deeper explanation) but he has no idea what hes talking about. FYI Hammer of Wrath is always used before TV. You just need to make sure you TV at 4 or 5 Hp when wings are up. So you can guarantee Hammer of Wraths so HP wont be wasted.

Also Judgment hits massively harder then CS. It is never a waste prioritize judgment over it only an increase. I understand everyone trying to help but A lot of you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not trying to be rude but you really should run numbers for all possible rotations. It all comes down to a #s games. Celli also has no idea what hes talking about either.
OP disregard what Cape is telling you, that guide that was linked in this thread is a good place for you to start.

03/16/2013 06:29 PMPosted by Capérnaum
A lot of you have no idea what you are talking about.

You are the only one in this thread who has no idea what they're talking about, everything Gro said is correct.

Please do not misinform players seeking help here with your own ignorance.
Celli also has no idea what hes talking about either.

I'm not going to drop names or sources, but what I typed up is pretty much copy/paste from a lot of top Ret Paladin sources.

I see your Strength gems and I realize you're trolling or stupid.
lmao my sides
03/16/2013 06:29 PMPosted by Capérnaum
Judgment hits massively harder then CS.

This is the only thing you've said with which I can agree, though it is a minor embellishment of the truth. Judgment does, currently, hit harder than Crusader Strike - even factoring in Hand of Light (i.e., mastery damage); but, as weapons scale up, that gap gets closer and closer.

Now, at 2pT15, Judgment will probably still be stronger than CS+HoL, but CS should still be prioritized higher because of the global clashing and because it will be a good habit to have since 4pT15 will significantly increase the priority of CS - just below HoW, as I've heard - to fish for HolyTV procs.
I'm not going to argue or fight yall do what you want
And we should listen to you to the exclusion of all other sources - sources which disagree with you, by the way - why, exactly? Numbers may not lie, but they don't necessarily tell the truth, either; they are, after all, just numbers. The only value they have is that which people place on them.

Burden of proof is on you, buddy; you buck the trend, you back it up. Bring us hard evidence, showing us that we're in the wrong. Until you can do that, you don't have a leg to stand on.
I'm not going to argue or fight yall do what you want

Good, do refrain from spreading your misinformation in the future unless you can back up your claims.

Which in this case you certainly can't.
Oh my sides, they hurt.
Dat hit.
Dat rotational discussion
hmm.. who do I trust in this thread..

The paladin with heroic experience, or the paladins who have yet to clear normal modes...

That's a tough call.

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