7870 ghz edition low fps???

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I am gettin really low fps in raids in the 15-20 fps. here is my set up amd fx 6300 @ 4.2ghz msi radeon 7870 ghz edition twn frzr. i ran a benchmark on it and it scored 8021 for the gpu and 5089 for the cpu i can play other graphic intense games no problem but it cant handle wow for some reason .... plz help....
Do you have shadows @ ultra in WoW? Or using 8x anti-aliasing? If so, don't.
turn down the aa and shadows... they dont make the game look any better and blizzard cant program their engine properly
this is with everything on low right now and still getting 15-20 fps
Do you have your monitor plugged into the graphics card?
03/16/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Stephié
Do you have your monitor plugged into the graphics card?

This guy isn't the first person to do this xD! I've seen this happen 4 times since you :)

Lol makes me feel like less of an idiot, but only slightly.
yes lol it is
I'd try the following first:

Disable all addons
Delete Cache folder inside WoW folder (not one inside Data folder)
Also move WTF folder out of WoW folder
Run WoW
all the drivers are up to date
They are saying, to make sure the monitor is plugged into the video card, and not into an integrated graphics card. I don't know what motherboard you have. Granted, AMD motherboards *usually* don't have integrated graphics at all, unless you go with socket FM1/FM2, but you are definitely using AM3+

Also, make sure that you have it plugged into a proper PCIe 16x slot, and that it is actually running at 16x. If for whatever reason it is running at 1x that will also explain it. I believe if you get GPU-Z it will tell you what speed the slot is running at. Also, make sure that all extra power connectors are connected properly and that your power supply can handle it.

Otherwise, if everything else checks out, and it is running properly with everything but WOW, temporarily remove all your addons and try again. Outdated or malfunctioning addons can definitely cause severe FPS issues like that.
still have same problem reinstalling wow and if that dont help going to do a fresh install of windows

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