<APM> 11/12 - 10m Fri/Sat LF Sham/Mage/Hunter

Hey guys-

We're a 10m raid that runs Fri/Sat 6pm CST onward. We are now 11 bosses into ToT and looking to recruit a few exceptional DPS and a healer. Please contact me if interested. My id is: soup#1428.. or better yet app @ apm.wowstead.com
Hey, Would you be intersted in a Warlock?

I'm Currently 496 ilvl and downed 1/12 of the bosses in throne of thunder
500 ilvl hunter here looking for a new guild and server.
this is for miami
still looking!
- Character/Realm: I am currently VIERDIN (character name) on ILLIDAN.
- Character Specs: Ilvl 510, Progression is 8/12 ToT (this character); 10/12 on VOLHARD (main)
- Seeking: 10 man raiding guild without an other prot paladin and low on the DK or Paladin DPS.
- Availability: Friday, Saturday Nights
- Contact: VOLHARD#1509 (realID)
503 surv hunter. Ive done 3/12 so far, but have studied all fights. I am currently looking for a guild that raids around the times that you do as i moved to italy and my hours are 9 different. i know my class in and out and have cleared all previous raids before nerfs in all patches. and have some expierence in heroics as well

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