Wierd drop in LFR

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I did ToT LFR the moment it opened for me this past Tuesday (after waiting forever for the servers to come back up :P )

And I remember I was seething over the fact that I had won items from the first boss, but they were 2 healing 1h weapons (one the sword and one a mace) which was a little disappointing (seething to me) so I in my anger rage sold them.

Fastfoward to today and we were having a discussion about getting loot you dont need from LFR (warrior tank got his 3rd token helm from Sha, ouch!) and I told him how I won 2 healing weapons that I already outgeared from LFR.

I go to link them and I can only find the sword in the loot table. This healing spirit mace is nowhere to be found.

Someone tell me im not going crazy here.
Mace is in the shared loot table that's not showing up anywhere, along with the strength polearm(our dk won it with a coin Tuesday off Horridon) and the intellect 2hand mace.
There's a shared boss loot table, yeah. Think it's just weapons.
Alright thanks guys. My guildmates were convinced I was going crazy earlier haha.

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