Bear BIS trinket?

So whats our BIS trinket in 5.2 now? Well BIS for RPS/dps.
Rune / Renataki.
God I love you Arielle, you're hard work with theorycrafting has made me such a better bear. I appreciate all the work you and the rest of the theorycrafters at the incbear do. Now with that said I gotta get my trinks. thanks
Rune is just disgustingly OP for a bear. Tested it out on PTR and could easily give you 30% more crit when it did proc. The fundamental problem that I faced on PTR with Rune was that the proc rate was god awful at times (it could go 4 minutes of nonstop combat as a bear without proccing once, then proceed to chain proc back to back). Hopefully this got fixed on live, but we shall see.

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