[H] <Minions Inc> 8/14H 25m SoO LF Healers!

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About our Guild
Minions Inc was established in 2006 by a small group of real life friends and co-workers. Since then, we have grown into a diverse set of people from across all 50 states and into Canada. True to our roots, we strive to maintain a sense of constant community both in and outside World of Warcraft, with many of our members having been in the guild for several years and through several xpacs. Social interaction and solidarity is at the heart of our membership base, fostering a setting that enables us to effectively clear end game content.

Guild Mission Statement
The mission of Minions Inc. is to create and maintain a close knit group of members within a secure and successful environment. Our main focus is to clear end game instances using positive progression as our metric. Our intent is to create and maintain a relaxed, unrestricted guild that is both fun but at the same time, committed.

We expect a certain amount of class skill and game commitment during raids. As a semi-hardcore raiding guild, our drive is to stay current, face complex raid challenges, and move forward with positive raid progression. We are a 25m raiding guild; 10m raids are attendance optional and are supplementary to our 25m progression focus.

We do not recruit for the bench.


Our 25m Progression

8/14H - Siege of Orgrimmar

Raid times:
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - 9:30pm PST (25m progression)
10m raids as needed/wanted; inquire within!

Current Class needs (as of May 29th, 2014):


If you don't see your class listed here, we're always looking for exceptional players who are willing to vie for a spot. Visit our website (www.minionsinc.com) for more information and to fill out an application. You can also contact one of our officers (myself, Cliporis, Bolgath, Kimmjungun, Garkag, or Teegobbz) for more information.
Great guild, great group of people! ♥
You've got enough badass warrior as it is right here.
Bumping for America! (Guile would do it)
Bump for easy Counsel kill. Tortos next week.
Bump for easy Counsel kill. Tortos next week.


Bump for fixing spelling of guildies.
03/22/2013 07:43 PMPosted by Destronoma
Bump for easy Counsel kill. Tortos next week.


Bump for fixing spelling of guildies.

Aww FFS. I'm a horrible person.

Anyway. We're now actively recruiting a warlock. If you're looking for a guild home where your grammar abilities will be appreciated and you can do the srs DPS, apply today!
Bump for the grammar abilities and srs dps.
Bump. Solid healer apps also welcome.
Bump for the bumping of the bumpiness
Bumping for the non-tauren specimens
Bump for dead turtle.
...and dead hydra.
Bump for Thursday.

We would also be interested in solid paladin, priest, or monk healers.
Did someone say dead hydra...?


Bump. I updated our recruitment needs.

WTB ranged DPS (boomkins, warlocks, and elemental shammys) and healers (monks, pallys, and priests).
Again, great group of people - solid raiders who know their stuff!! ♥
Bump for splushing.
This thread reached page 2? Clearly Asty's fault.

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