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Currently the mobile app only shows at max 8 pages of available auctions when browsing the auction house. It would be awesome if it would show all available auctions since on high pop servers like mine, people tend to put 8+ pages of single items. This really does not help. I know we can view on the web but even that has its limits. I was browsing Hypnotic Dust and I could not see more then 200 results when I know there are many, many more.

What I would also like to see or would be a nice feature is if you cannot have more than 8 pages when showing all auctions, would be some sorting options. Currently it sorts based off of unit price. I would love to be able to sort price by stack, high to low, low to high. It would make life easier.

One last thing. What about a bids only option added to the show drop down and adding the same sorting features to that as well??
1. We opted to limit the number of results on both Web & Mobile in order to lessen the strain this service adds to the already busy World of Wacraft. This is also why we limit chat to guilds only and why we limit auction house transactions. It's 25 results per page with a max of 8 pages, which equals our limit of 200. At this time we have no plans to change this.

However, have you tried changing the "show" option from All Auctions to Buyouts Only? This is an aggregated view, which condenses the information displayed so that we can show more information without needing to process as much data. I just looked at a high pop realm that one of my characters is located on and it's showing 1,000s of results using the Buyouts Only option.

2. We are not planning to add any additional sort options to the All Auctions results, for similar reasons noted above.

3. I've added your suggestion of a Bids Only option to my suggestion list. You're the first person that I can recall requesting such a feature. Thanks!

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