Nocturnus Vexillari.16/16H 13/13H 10m recruit

Hey everyone!

Nocturnus Vexillari is a long-established 10-man raiding guild on Dath'Remar(Oceanic) Horde. We have committed and made the decision to transfer to Barthilas Horde on Monday, 25th March 2013 to enjoy a larger and more active community. We are a tight knit group of players that not only like to challenge ourselves on tough content, but also have a lot of fun doing it.

Currently we are 13/13HM ToT

We are looking for some players to fill core roles within our 10-man group. This is a rare opportunity within our team, having used the same key players for the last 2 expansions

Holy Paladin w/ Ret off-spec
Dk dps/Blood off-spec
Priest Healer off-spec Shadow
Monk Healer - dps off

We are also interested to hear from any exceptional players even if the class/spec you play is not listed.

Who you are:
- Reliable and able to arrive at scheduled raid times
- Eager to research raid strategies and have excellent raid awareness
- Completely committed to your class, which also means being able to play your off-specs comfortably at a high level
- A positive player with a can-do attitude, open to constructive criticism; take ownership for your mistakes and work to fix them quickly
- Able to learn on the fly, learn quickly and have some common sense

What we can offer you:
- A stable raiding guild in which the members have been raiding together for multiple years, paired with a solid officer core
- A guild that is laid back and knows how to have a good time, while still being focused on progression and improving our play
- A guild that is comprised of like-minded players that enjoy all aspects of the game
- An enthusiastic approach to raiding where our group strives to always improve

Raid times are:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday 7:30pm-10:30pm ST (may go over 10:30 from time to time)

If you think you will fit this role head over to and apply!

If you have any further queries, please contact either Insanic, Killdruid or Duskrunner in-game!
Before you come make sure you kick any legit non win traded pvpers because they will not fit in well.
Bump! :)
Bump! Looking forward to meeting some new people!

Looking for a super duper holy pally!

Still looking for a holy pally!
Holy Paladins wru!?
What about an unholy pally that wants to do some good deeds?
still looking for a holy pally!

We're looking for a great holy pally & warlock!
Bump for 4/13 heroic
Looking for a sweet sexy holy pally! (non-sweet and non-sexy people may still apply)
Bump for 5/13 heroic
Just threw up an application for a DPS warrior on your site. Hope to hear from you guys soon (:

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