Addon that wipes achievements clean?

I am trying to start fresh, but it is really annoying that I have tons of achievements from other characters. Is there an addon that will not display these to me so I know which ones I actually have and what ones I don't?
You don't need an addon to do this, the feature has been in the game since account wide achievements. Up in the top right corner of your achievement panel is a drop down box. Select "Incomplete" (with the hover over text "Show achievements this character can complete".
OMG. I love you Ryken!
Bump. Is there a better way to do this?
Bump. Is there a better way to do this?

Yeah, make a new account.

OK, so it requires a little extra thinking to sort through earned achievements on your other characters vs. truly incomplete achievements. So what? It's by no means complicated to put the two together. The current system is fine.

The only place your account-wide achievement total doesn't appear is in the guild list. And I completely sympathize with those who want to best their guildmates with the highest character total because I'm that way too. But I have a feeling it will change in the near future so that achievements are truly account-wide. Soon.™

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