5 Players LF Core spots 1tank,1heals,3Rdps

Guild Recruitment
We have a few spots to fill and we could use all of you for core raid spots. We're a mature, relaxed, progression minded guild which also has a lot of fun in 25 man raids. We're currently 4/12 in current content and finished the prior teir 4/16 heroic. Please check us out below!

Guild Name: Wanderers
Realm: Whisperwind (PvE) (Horde)
Server Timezone: CST
Raid times: Wednesday/ Sunday/ Monday 7pm-10pm CST (server time)
Loot System:EP/GP
Provided: Flasks, feasts, enchant mats, and repairs.
Website: http://wanderaid.com/portal.php
Raid Leader: Muireartach (ask for Gru)
Battle Tag:Gru#1158

Recruitment: Core spots are available for reliable dps or healers. People do better when they play the class and spec they want to play, so recruitment is wide open right now. Ideal applicants would have a solid raiding history and >90% attendance. They would have a deep understanding of their class/spec, and the ability to use online resources to maximize their dps or healing. Raiders are also expected to have studied up on the encounter before each raid.

<Wanderers> are a 25man progression minded raid on horde-side Whisperwind(US-PvE). Our raid nights are Wed/Sun/Mon from 7pm - 10pm CST(server) time. We are looking for a few more able raiders to flesh out its 25man raiding roster and replace those who dropped unexpectedly at the start of the expansion.

Wanderers were founded day 1 of Whisperwind, and have raided ever since, finishing the most recent last tier 8/8H DS. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed as we strive to walk a balance between the casual and a serious progression mentality. We're a friendly group, the core of which has been raiding together since Vanilla. The guild membership base is mature with a standing age limit of 18+ that we do waive with a decent interview.

Please feel free to Muireartach or ask any guildie for Gru, or check out our application at http://wanderaid.com/portal.php (top bar -application- If you have any issues with this or signing up on the site contact us via email below.), or feel free to email one of the recruiters at Wanderaidrecruitment@yahoo.com
Would like a new home befor reset
I know I've posted, but I'm very interested in your group of people.

Hit me up @ Surrealae#1824
top the top>?

Herro, we would love to have you all of you. Even thought we have 2 tanks already, we wouldnt mind taking another warrior dps...moar warriors the better! :D

10/16H pre 5.2, 8/12n ToT

Outlandish is an alliance guild on the Velen server focused on progression, achievements, fun, and quality play. We formed on Velen in 2009, although a number of the members of the guild have been playing together for 5+ years. We desire to find more similar minded people that want to progress through Mists of Pandaria and beyond while not raiding 30 hours a week. We can offer you a stable, mature (sometimes) raiding environment.

We raid from 9 PM EST - Midnight EST Tuesday - Thursday. At our current schedule of 9 hours per week, we rank 16th in the US among guilds that raid 9 hours or less per week for 5.1/T14. As a result of our short raiding time, we expect people to be ready to rock right at 9 pm (invites @ 8:45,) and we pull and run back quickly to maximize our raiding time. We're the leading 25 man guild on Velen and have achieved server first Grand Crusader, Death's Demise, and Light of Dawn, as well as numerous individual server first achievements.

We are a very active guild, so if you're the type of person who logs on only for raids and then right off again, then this is probably not the guild for you. We also field a rated battleground team and will be looking to field an alt raid soon.

We generally accept the concept that people have lives outside of the game. To hedge against players occasionally missing a raid night for adequate reasons, we typically carry a conservative roster of 34-36 players. The officers are objective and fair in rotating players in and out of the bench, so all players see equal playing time under normal circumstances. At our current roster of 33, we're on the hunt for any exceptional applicants heading into 5.2 and beyond, but have slight preference for the following classes:

Feral Druid (Kitty; Bear offspec a plus)
Death Knight (DD; Blood offspec a plus)
Shaman (Elemental or Enhancement)
Healers (Paladins, Priests Mistweavers preferred)
*Exceptional players of any class are encouraged to apply

Lesser need for:
Monk (Windwalker; Brewmaster offspec a plus)

At the same time, we're also on the market for good players (pretty sure it's a healer we're on the market for) for our RBG team atm. It runs from 8 EST to Midnight EST (at the latest, though it generally ends a bit earlier) Sundays (we've just added this day this week & we'll see how it works out) & Mondays.

Check us out at http://outlandish.dkpsystem.com (fill out an app!) or send a tell to Mindwarp (Mindwarp#1342), Gistwiki (Gistwiki#1686,) Morwen, Park(Park#1268), or Dukc with any questions. Hope to hear from you!
Beergut! Add me to real id ASAP! theta4life@yahoo.com I think we could be the perfect match for you guys, either you joining us or maybe another route. From what it looks liek you have 5 solid people and we have 5 solid people, both of which want to progress and push content. We hit some IRL problems and have had the same problems building back up liek you guys! Hope to here from you this could be perfect!
sent u a friend request
sent u a friend request

Im at work for another hour or so. If you want to e-mail me at the same address to talk now that works. Otherwise I look forward to talking to you when i get home.
Hello guys,

I just sent you a real id request for a 10m H on Zul'Jin named PENETRATE. Ill link the guild spam at the bottom of this message. But wanted to say if you are interested at all in 10m raiding and getting a raiding guild off the ground we are it. Im offering $15 refunds to those that server transfer to the guild which theres more info on that in the guild spam link. We are very experienced wow raid players with good backgrouds as you will see in the post as well. We have a similar situation as to yours. After a guild implosion we transfered and set up this 2nights/week guild which is due to a semi-rigid schedule. We are looking for players with experience not only current but past and raiders that want a light but sccessful 10m schedule on those two nights (Tues&Sun 7:00ST - 10:30ST ST is EST). My real id is included in the link please get ahold of me asap we are very interested!

derpity derp
Thanks everyone. we found a guild that seems like a really good fit. Best of luck!

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