Can a level 90 Paladin solo Black temple?

Can they? im new to being a paladin and loving it
ret can, i do it often for fun and gold, with the changes in 5.1 even the well of souls boss isnt that tough just be ready to interupt, but other then that you should be fine.
Yes, BT at 90 ranges from "trivial" to "slightly above trivial".
You shouldn't have any problem until you get to the council of 4 right before Illidan. I'll be honest, I couldn't do it. By the time I got 2 of them burned down, I didn't have enough left to take down the other two, no matter what order I did them in.
I just did it over the weekend for the first time and made it through okay, and I am by no means a skilled player. I had a bit of trouble with Gurtogg Bloodboil and The Illidari Council the first time trying them, but got it the second.

I was specced as Ret at the time, but in tanking gear since that's all I have.
I did it a couple months ago, but it wasn’t technically a “solo”. I attempted to do this as protection. At the time I was unable to out damage the heal shield on the first boss. So, yes I called for help. The rest went smoothly except a few instances with some obnoxious trash that one shotted me (had the wrong kill order).

The council of four was a nightmare (a stalemate). I was in the same predicament as the first boss. Just wasn’t able to kill the healer fast enough. So once again I called for help. Illidan went down without a problem ;)

Maybe now it would go much better as my gear has improved greatly, also I would probably try it as ret, but would be tempted to try at protection again ;)
I did it at 85 once the pre mists patch launched, definitely doable now
Can they? im new to being a paladin and loving it

Yes: all bosses up until Gurtogg I do on Ret. Gurtogg I do on Prot, then back on Ret until Illidari Council, which I prefer to do in Prot personally. Then back on Ret for Last boss.
Council is a bear. Rest are cake (or pie for preference).
Was possible in Cata, with Cata talents.

NOT.PRETTY.AT.ALL. But possible with a Prot OS and a few spec changes here and there.

I think, now, the only difficulty is remembering not to kill myself DPSing the second boss of RoS. Council is a lot of self healing and moving out of AoE, but you can strong arm it, for the most part. BT can be done as Ret from start to finish.

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