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Horde - Emerald Dream - Roleplay Player v Player

Who We Are

We are the Phoenix Highguard, I am Lilliam "Lilliam Muvasa-Chaladore" the proud guild manager, and I cordially invite you to apply and enjoy a taste of battalion military style roleplay.

Mission Statement

It is our wish to properly shape the face of Blood Elf roleplay, taking away from the common tavern style comfort and thrusting members in the fun and thrilling adventure that is player versus player action, including but not limited to world PVP, battelgrounds and arenas, all with a heavy roleplay twist.

What We Do

As mentioned above, our emphases is on roleplay first and PVP second, though they work in tandem in this guild. We help those who are eager and/ or willing to learn PVP, teaching them tricks and trades with their classes and specializations, talents, glyphs, reforging, the works! We also train our members for small and large scale engagements as well as teach proper engagement etiquette.

We are Sin'dorei centered at heart, and emphasize knowledge of lore and teach it often, hosting a workshop monthly; all are welcomed and encouraged to attend. To members who wish to attain more knowledge on this subject, each initiate is taught a baseline of necessary knowledge, and from there their stories can be more easily shaped with the help of their guild family.

As a Sin'dorei focused battalion, we focus on politics concerning the Silvermoon society, though our recruitment is not closed to just Blood Elves, in fact, it is my encouragement to unite the other races of the Horde.

It is now an interest of the Phoenix Highguard to raid in the exciting Pandaria content. We work with other allied guilds to help prepare for current content. In addition, each week we venture into old raiding content for those who wish to see it that have not, or those who wish for transmogrification.

Common events include:
-"Fortune's Favor" hosted every Wednesday evening at 9:00PM server in Wayfarer's Rest, an opportunity to have tarot readings in real time, roleplayed in character (open to all)
-"Champion Battle" hosted every last Saturday of the month, to crown the Highguard Champion (guild only)
-"Trials" an event hosted by the leaders of Highguard where they undertake battle oriented tasts and run military drills to sharpen the body and mind (open to all, especially prospecting members)
And more, such as our weekend old raid content, scenarios, and the like.

How to Apply

-Please visit our website at for application.
-All applicants are to be over 18 years of age, please
-It is not a requirement, but do not hesitate to visit such sites as or to "cheat" lore knowledge

You may also whisper one of our GMs in game, or send mail to our recruitment officer, designated below.

-Lilliam (GM)
-Liniadel (Co-GM)
-Tanillivan (Recruitment)

*the following thread has been reconstructed to reflect on our latest guild developments
Fleet versus Fleet

Are you an Alliance guild with a similar vision and interest? Would you like to organize a scrimmage with us? Please contact the officers mentioned above to plan events!

I hope to see you on the battlefield!
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We are the Blueflag all day in Silvermoon Highguard

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We are the Blueflag all day in Silvermoon Highguard


I like your goggles. They look better on you anyhow.
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((Great success today in establishing the Horde coalition "Hydra", thank you, my allies, for coming, and thank the rest for your support!

Excited to bring back Fortune's Favor next Wednesday, I hope to see you all there!))
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This isn't exactly a plug for my guild but I love supporting other guilds. Tulip from Earthspear Clan, one of our allies, is hosting a Goblin Workshop March 24th at 8:00 PM server. I know the Highguard is going to be there, I hope you all attend too!
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