Phoenix Highguard (25)[H-RP-PVP]

Emerald Dream
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((Bump for the guild that rises from the ashes and strikes with fire. And, also, nom nom noms.))
((Congratulation to Alvarado for winning the Championship title for this month!))
((I still think I could have won =P))
((Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you have a nice Sunday.))
((Gonna bump this thread up again. Hour of Transcendence hosted by Guardians of the Dawn is tonight, get your Light on... or something catchy, idk))
((New ranks/teams are being decided today! Make sure you pick your ranks, and get all that set asap!))
((Le bump for our new ranks, the Phoenix Sentinels and the Blood Agents! Exciting stuff!))
((A gentle bump for ya'll from a friendly troll))
((Casually gonna bump this. Don't mind me.))
((Hey guys, I'm interested in applying. However, given my limited time constraints and my commitment to my raiding guild, I probably won't be hitting 90 on this toon for quite some time. Is participating in PvP a guild requirement, or do you let any level in for RPing purposes? The last part of the application kind of makes me wonder whether I need to give PvP credentials and whatnot or just RP stuff. Thanks in advance.))
((We require all 90's to participate in any forms of PvP, but don't require so until they're 90, and have several options, events, and opportunities for low levels. We let in everyone of all levels, races, and classes, and the last part of the application is really just a chance for you to tell us any experience you have, be it rp-wise, lore-wise, pvp-wise, pve-wise, etc, etc. Whatever you wanna put down that makes you look shiny :> ))
((Bump during Tall Tales, which I'm very glad is back!))
((Bump for fun times with ORCWORM!!!!!))
((Trials tonight! ORCWORM!))
I'm thinking of transferring over and checking out this guild, who do I contact to hang out with?
I'm thinking of transferring over and checking out this guild, who do I contact to hang out with?
Tanillivan is the recruitment officer and a sweetheart to boot.

Also aw yis Phoenix Highguard, best blood elf guild.
best RP guild hordeside, hands down.
((Hey guys, I sent in an app a few days back and have not heard from anyone yet.

Do you suggest I contact someone in-game, or should I just wait a bit longer? Don't wanna rush anyone, just asking if you guys are looking at it. :) ))
((We have a lot of apps to look through, along with several interviews to do that are already lined up- and only one person handling all this, so I apologize for the wait. We're in an RP event currently, but I will remind our recruitment officer to contact you as soon as she can. :> ))
((Oh ok, no rush, I just wanted to check on the status. Thank you very much for your response!))

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