Phoenix Highguard (25)[H-RP-PVP]

Emerald Dream
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((Bump with a few notes:

@Essowyn: Good to hear that you're thinking of joining us! I remember talking to you yesterday, sorry I didn't get to you earlier in regards to your questions. I'll be online tonight at around 9PM Server Time for our big event with the Guardians of the Dawn. That way we can talk more about it.

@Galuda: Oh my gosh I'm sorry I didn't get to you earlier! I've been busy lately, but I sent you an in game letter setting up an interview. Again, sorry about that.))
((Noblegarden party today! Be there or, well. ))
((Bumps. Dont have a witty message for this one.))
((Bump after a successful event!))
((Le bump for a successful event with the Guardians of the Dawn! Woo!))
(( Ghostlands event tonight, just a reminder~ ))
((Hello, I sent in-game mail about rescheduling my interview. Just letting you know so you don't show up at an absurdly early time. Thanks ^^))
((Bumpan this. Don't think there's anything going on tonight anyhow.))
((Another hunt today! Be there to find scuuuuuuuuuummm!)))
((Is today friday? We have trials and pet battles or something. I don't even know what year it is. Where am I? Who am I?))
((Giving a bump!))
((Bump for a successful wpvp event!))
((That's a nice thread you got there.

Be a shame if someone

Bumped it.))
((I think we have things today.))
((Bump because I love you guys. For honaaaa!))
((Bumpity bump for the bumps!))
Bumping for good people, who we have done some awesome wpvp and rbgs with over the past few weeks.
((Bumpan. Also trials tonight, woooooo))
((BUMP for successful Hydra event!))

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