Phoenix Highguard (25)[H-RP-PVP]

Emerald Dream
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((Was gone all day, hope the IF raid with Guardians went well!))
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((Wpvp shenanigans tonight. Nut up or shut up.))
((B-B-B-B-BUMP before I go to bed. Had some fun wpvp tonight!))
((Good wpvp outing today in desolace. Thanks to everyone who participated!))
((Bump for a successful Fortune's Favor, a big thanks to all of those who arrived!))
((Hydra event today! Nut up or shut up!))
((Hail Hydra!))
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((Bump. I don't think we have anything planned?))
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((Yay trials.))
((Annnd VICTORY! Congratulations to Muhara for overthrowing our reigning champ, Alvarado!))
The skies above Thunder Bluff were clear and blue, but the grass ran red with the blood of Phoenix Highguard fallen. One after the other they lined up - but none could best the mighty Paladin.

When every single one in the group of half dozen was defeated they could bear it no more. They rushed the Paladin; but the Crimson Skies had arrived just in time. Outnumbered and outgunned the Skies did not tremble in fear but ran to their comrade's aid. With their arrival the Light within the Paladin shone through and within minutes the entire Phoenix Highguard group lay decimated on the plains below Thunder Bluff.
(( Y'all shoulda stuck around for more 4v4's or 1v1's. We were all havin' a blast. ))
(( I'll make contact so we can do it again sometime. ))
Heh, a lone Paladin rushing a city? I admire the bravery, but I can't help but point out the stupidity of the actions. What could you accomplish? Surely you can best the grunts, however I remain unimpressed. The Highguard will stand against any attack and strike with unyielding force at any who have the audacity. Please, Paladin... Show us a good time.


((Also yes, we would all love to do some skirmishes! Thanks for starting this!

...Btw, why is my bounty high? I am confuse.))


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