Becoming skilled in Arena.

Anyone have any tips or reading material that can provide some insight on what it takes to become skilled at PvP, specifically in arena?
You should go to the warlock forums.
You're being REALLY generic here.

It's rather impossible for us to tell you everything important without writing a 5+ post guide.

Watch high-rated videos and streams, read up on the skills other classes have, duel, and just do arenas and learn from experience.
You really can't explain how to do arenas, its very experienced based. You pretty much have to just go ahead and do it to learn, and it probably wont be fun. Dueling other classes you know you may have trouble with one on one is also a good practice method. Chilling outside of major cities is a good way to practice.
you got a gum wrapper and a q tip? i can get you out of this debacle
I'd suggest along with numerous other sites for tips etc, I'd say the most important thing right off the bat, not just a rogues only but PvP in general is to have and know how to use keybinding+macros otherwise PvP is a waste of time, and like others said its experience based.
Read Forums, look for there sticky post about arena guides. They will teach you strategy.

Next step are macro + key bindings. A rogue can kill anyone at max lvl within 3-5 sec with one button. Macro your burst and stun lock rotation. Key bind your defensive and utility spells.
Pick up a move called Shuriken Toss, it's sort of like hunter stampede post nerf in 5.1. You'll hit 2200 in arena spamming it no problem bro.
Pick up a move called Shuriken Toss, it's sort of like hunter stampede post nerf in 5.1. You'll hit 2200 in arena spamming it no problem bro.
>Hunters get minimum range removed
>Complain when rogues get maximum range changed
Let me just leave this here too k?
There are six macros any glad/2.2 rated player worth their salt knows how to use or will go out of their way to learn ( which I am in the process of trying to learn).

/Focus arena1, 2, 3
/target arena1,2,3

Why these macros? Tab targetting is unsuitable in arena and not fast enough because you will overshoot your target and waste time reaquiring him, whereas target 123 and focus 123 will instantly put them into target/focus and is a lot easier to SET your focus to keep track of those pesky rogues trying to re-direct kidney you.

Keybind, macros are also very important. Moreso your binds because when you master them and become comfy, muscle memory will carry all that weight. Macros will help so keybind space doesnt run out. For me, I'm kinda old school and don't like swapping around 50 different binds/macros just to make a backstab out of dance and ambush in dance macro. (ambush is on 1 in dance/stealth and stealth is on 1 out of stealth whereas my eviscerate is on 3 out of stealth and my eviscerate in dance is f and out of stealth backstab is f) I would blame THAT on blizz for changing the dance/stealth bar to the same thing. but yeah, i'm really tired so sorry for crappy typing, hope you can make it out haha

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