More 5 mans and account wide rep!

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Both will make your game better..not worse. Ask around, you will see people agree with me :)
Casuals will agree, Hardcores will not.
Stolen Insignias now fill this role pretty darn well as far as MoP content goes.

Having GL/Klaxxi/August Celestials/Shado-Pan rep all at exalted 5 minutes after dinging 90 on my mage was pretty sweet, I have to say.
Ok but only if the new 5 mans drop 476 blue gear, rep is fine
accountwide reps make no sense.

why would the walrus men on northrend love my priest just because my completely unrelated shaman did a bunch of dailies for them?

not to mention it could screw up quest curves for a lot of the reps that have questlines based on certain reputations. (storm peaks and sons of hodir come to mind)
I'm not a hardcore and I don't agree with either. So sure, ask around. You'll see, OP, people don't agree with you.
I'm pretty casual now, and I also disagree. What I would agree with is rep achievements being account based. I mean, I did the rep grind once, give me the credit for it even though it isn't all on one character.

I do support the addition of new 5 mans though.

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