Shaman names

Looking for the best Dwarf Shaman name
Thorgron is kinda like 'lightning-beard' :D

derp someone beat me to the punch
Aren't all dwarf names [a word that has something to do with this class]+"beard"? Shouldn't be too hard to come up with a name. That being the case, I like Brokenbeard myself.
Maybe Clunkybeard.
hmmmmm..... how about shamwow?

oh wait....

i think that name is taken...
<..... Yes, I am a perverted nerd.
Rubblebrow, Gravelgut, Chiselfingers...All surnames as dwarfs must possess one that relates to ancestral storytelling. You can just end a regular first name with "ori" "ak" or "us". Gregak, Gregus, Gergori etc. Boom! Dwarven names.

The easiest method is to hit the name generator until you strike gold.
<..... Yes, I am a perverted nerd.

That name is platinum. I'm guessing it wasn't randomly generated.

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