[A] LF awesome people!

Who we are
We Might Be Giants (level 25) is an overly active, social, mediumsized guild. There's no stress and no drama. There are only awesome people ;-) We welcome alts, levelers, social members, casual players and raiders. There's no room for big ego's.

What we're looking for
Our casual raids could use a few more healers, we're running with mostly alts atm. Our progression raidteam is formed, but one of our raiders had a few noshows. So there's possibly room for one more DPS (rogue or fury warrior).

We require all our raiders to be fully gemmed and enchanted and be dedicated to gearing up their main toons outside of raids too, this includes doing dailies for reputation and reaching the valor point cap. The guildbank and fellow guildies are there and willing to help out with gear-enhancements.

Raidtimes & days
Our progression raidnights are Thursday & Monday, starting 7.30pm server (= PST). We end at 10pm. The upcoming weeks we'll be running the new LFRs as a guild on Tuesdays, to learn the fights and speed up queue-times. There will be casual raids too (alts are welcome) and fun / achievement / mount runs on Friday - Sunday.

Our goal
We raid at our own pace and most of us are not interested anymore in heroic modes. While some of us have cleared heroic content in previous expansions while it was current, our goal is to be dedicated to raiding, but not at the cost of having fun, and to clear all the content on normal mode, stress-free. Our current progression is MV 6/6, HoF 5/6 and ToT 1/12.

If you're interested to join We Might Be Giants, please comment below or whisper any member ingame. Those who are interested in progression raiding (10man), please talk to Leyah or me (Elume / Weis) ingame.

Edit: Updated recruitment needs.
Upcoming events (all starting 7.30pm server=PST):
- Tuesday: LFR guildrun, 3rd wing*
- Thursday: Fresh ToT
- Friday: tba
- Sunday: MSV10*
- Monday: continuation ToT

Anyone who would like to join one of our raids, to get to know us a little bit better and see for yourself ...whisper me ingame for an invite. Gear should be gemmed/enchanted obviously, you'll need to have Vent & DBM. Please be familiar with the mechanics of the fights, tactics will be explained before the pull.

These events are updated weekly!
Got a few new recruits! Few more to go :) if interested, please comment on this post or whisper Leyah, Mcmerriss or me ingame, thanks!
Updated upcoming events.

Running MSV10 tonight. There's room for 1 more healer.
I am a healer and if you're in need just let me know alright.
Thanks for your reply Kanses. We're specifically looking for players who are interested in joining the guild. There's no need for us to pug at the moment, as we don't have problems to fill spots for our 2 raidteams with social members and alts. We would however, like to replace those alts with a few more mains, to be less reliant on 'always the same people' and to give more people the opportunity to raid.

If you're interested to join the guild, please let me know. The guild could use some more healers, especially for random heroic dungeons and casual raids (usually taking place Fri-Sun nights).

Please note that we require all our raiders to be fully gemmed & enchanted and be dedicated to gearing up outside of raids too, this includes doing your dailies & reaching the valor point cap each week.
Updated recruitment needs as they've changed slightly. Progression team is in need of a tank, preferably a leather-wearer for loot balance. The casual team could use some healers.

Note that our raids almost never get cancelled, as we've got enough players + alts to support 2 teams, but would like to replace some alts with new mains :)
Another boss down in HoF! Would love to add another (non-pally) tank to our team, so we can start raiding ToT. Possibly another spot available for a healer or DPS (ideally a boomkin). Our current team has an average itemlevel of 495+ and all of us have 3-7 years (heroic) raiding experience.

Please whisper me ingame if you'd like to try out one of our upcoming raids.
Free bumps for fellow Alliance raiders! I wish you guys the best of luck finding those last couple of raiders to make a solid team :)
Aw thanks Seven! :)
Still looking for more core raiders, who are able to commit to 2 nights a week. In need of 1 tank, 1 DPS and 1 healer (or hybrid DPS).
In need of 1 tank, 1 DPS and 1 healer for our raid this Thursday at 7.30pm server
Need 1 healer. Welcome to try-out this Thursday.
Updated recruitment needs & upcoming events. Casual players/raiders are welcome to. No need to apply, just whisper anyone ingame for an invite.
Updated our progression. First boss in ToT down yeey!
Still looking for more.

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