8/13H ToT 10m 3-4n LF DPS DK

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I will not sleep! I slept enough last night
Who would have thought heroics would be so brutal
Long time no bump :)
Raiding since Vanilla release, hardcore through Tier 2 and some Tier 3, casual Tier 4-5, hardcore Tier 6 & 7, Starting raiding seriously again in WoTLK when I started Tanking on my current pally.

I know my class and I know it well and perform my role at a very high level. I'm looking for a group of like minded and like-skilled players to raid with while still being able to enjoy the content in and out of progression.

Firelord (HP Nerf Only)
8/8 HM DS (Post Nerf due to break from the game)
16/16 HM 5.1 (4 Heroic Sha kills prior to 5.2)
12/12 NM ToT
1/13 HM ToT

I'm open to either 25 or 10 at this point. I have many parsing logs on almost every fight since MoP release including World #11/12 Heroic Sha.

Hours i'm looking to raid:

NO WEEKENDS, I'm married and enjoy spending that time with my wife.


No earlier than 6pm PST/9pm EST start time and ending preferably no later than 11:00pm PST/2:00am EST

Would like to stay Horde though I wouldn't hate going alliance. My reasons for anonymity are my own and will gladly discuss.

I have been at the forefront of high end progression for most of my raiding career so please don't reply unless you are on at least somewhat of an equal footing in progression. Nothing personal against those who are further behind and have interest, at this point however I would like to avoid regressing.

Thanks all!

Let me know if you're interested tyler@locallighthouse.com(also my real ID)
Sorry for the long time no bump lol. I was busy cooking, cleaning, and watching a movie. I will be sure to bump every hour from now on kind sir, just for you!
PS next guide will be posted before raid...hopefully at least an hour before
499 resto druid definitely interested in this. i saw aviandan's post on my thread.only a couple problems i see is that tues-thurs are the the only days im able to raid, unless the 4th day is at an earlier time, i havent played boomkin a whole lot and am a much stronger healer, and my new schedule wont be ready for at least 2 weeks.

let me know if you're still interested, im available for another hour or so to talk and/or app and mumble if you want. i can be available for whatever cross realm you want to do friday and saturday.

battletag: etan07#1558
Took a nap missed my hourly bump as promised
I feel kind of bad for taking this belt
thank you for all my phat lootz tonight! I like da shinies
500 ilvl Blood tank with a 492 frost dps offspec.
Have been in 10 man guilds pretty much most of my wow career. I will have no problems making all the scheduled raid nights however weekends may prove problematic. However if your interested with me or would like to set up a interview through mumble i can be contacted via battle net or you can just send me an in game mail.

battletag: CaptScrotie#1505
Still looking for exceptional raiders.
Feel free to fill out an app on the website http://www.antisocial-club.com/apply

while there browse around let us know what you think
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