Alliance, how is your AV Weekend?

We are getting crushed, lost 8 straight..../cry
/sigh the imbalance is bull...

Get it? Tauren.

aaaah. ^.^

Get it? Tauren.

aaaah. ^.^

I must say... that was completely unintended lol
My AV Weekend's kinda crappy, only went 7 for 8 today so far.
I won an AV on my horde warrior I was so shocked I almost crapped my pants!
Horde games are cap something, don't defend it and run away from it.
Oh and Kill all the NPC's at Van
Oh and Kill all the NPC's at Van

That's the best part!
One of my guild mates on his alliance character got an entire honor set in 2 days.
i gained 2 levels in less than 3 hours through av. thank you horde for not knowing how to backcap.
I'm enjoying it. I've lost quite a few CTA's, but my sub-90 random queues are faster than ever, and it seems to be throwing me into AB a lot!

So I'm happy.
I'm currently contemplating which heirlooms to buy with all my extra honor
I was winning quite a lot, and then the horde figured out that if they put 5 on base defence and recapped towers, they'd win.

So my group and I started doing base defence, and the horde apparently forgot that it's important, so we started winning again.

The only imbalance in AV is in the minds of the players. They carry that confidence/cross into the match.
I love AV weekends for gearing alts.

I hit 90 on my alli rogue on friday night. Spent most of the day yesterday grinding gear and was able to get both weaps, the full 5 piece set, 1 trink and the boots. Going to spend the day today finishing him up then never play him again until its time to lvl to 95....
I'm surprised you're even getting the queue to pop. I would think virtually all Horde would blacklist AV.
The ONLY damn thing horde knows how to do is follow a pack north, WAIT for towers, then leave when alliance wins.

Alliance on the other hand almost ALWAYS has some defense in Stonhearth Bunker when we arrive, and probably gets IWB back 30% of the time.

Yet almost EVERY time Horde actually has some back cappers, HORDE WINS!

Gee,,, so hows that zerg strat working Hordies?
I used to love AV. Did lots of 40 man xrealm premades too. 3 min win is my best time. And 3 hrs of farming Alliance in their starting cave (before reinforcements) and getting 3k HK's was fun too.

But now, it's on my don't play list except for my new 90 that just turned yesterday. Only because it's AV weekend and the honor is extremely fast am I playing it. But when Horde doesnt even get any towers down, the honor is junk.

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