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Death Knight
I'm not very experienced at macros, especially casting sequences. So I'm looking to create a macro that does the following:

On the first use, Blood Presence is activated, and Conversion is turned on. When hit a second time, Frost Presence is activated, and conversion is turned off.

Anyone know how to make something like this?
Don't think it can be done as those all invoke a gcd
/castsequence Blood Presence, Conversion, Frost Presence

you can have certain conditions that cause the macro to reset as well, such as combat or target switching (/castsequence reset=60,combat,target .........)
I macro Blood Pres and DS together sometimes for quick emergency heal and then if you want you can macro Frost Pres into another attack like Oblit or FS but I wouldn't put them both together like that. It will probably end up not doing what you need it to do half the time.
Try this, needs 2 macros for each presence though and you'll require glyph of shifting presence.
~~for blood presence you will have to press twice because they both are on the gcd~~

Blood presence
#showtooltip blood presence
/cast blood presence
/cast conversion

frost presence
#showtooltip frost presence
/cast frost presence
/cancelaura conversion

Or you can put it into one macro with a modifier

~~press twice w/o mod to go blood on use conversion, once with mod to return to frost and cancle conversion~~

/cast [nomod] blood presence
/cast [nomod] conversion
/cast [mod] frost presence
/cancelaura [mod] conversion

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