LF a new raiding team.

Hi previous raiding group has sense stopped raiding.
24 male. Midwest US.
Frost DK/Blood or Disc/holy/Shadow Priest LF a new raiding group.

I have exp raiding in a semi serious raiding enviroment. Heroics 10 and 25m.

Also Leading heal team. in assignments etc etc.

I am Looking for a group that raids at or after 10 server. Only requirement.

Have all basic raiding addon's and experience. I always play and maximize my potential for every boss encounter whether that be in game, team wise, encounter knowledge, and current changes to toons.

Anymore information just contact me in thread and I will get back to you asap. thank you. Really interested in pushing heroic content and LF a core spot preferably. yea yea 5.2 is already here but its never to late i guess.

Experienced with Loot council and DKP systems. and World of logs Player/encounter reviews.
He will give reach Reach-a-round for no additional charge.
LOL what?
Pst Bornleader in game.. we are looking for new raiders to get our 10mans going.. new guild but build off a core of guys that have been together for years now raiding.. fun atmosphere and good players!@

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