Ex Hm raider LF ~2 day a week raid team

hey guys, Rap game fudzilla here.

i am looking for a ~2 day a week raid team,
i started mid wrath, cleared all content on normal.
in cata, i played on caelstrasz and was part of a pre nerf defender team with a few heroic kills, 6/7 HM fl, 8/8 HM DS.
but upon starting uni my availability times are less than what they used to be, so i am looking for something with less definite time commitments.
That does not mean i do not take the raid sessions seriously.
i strive to play my class to the best i can.
back when i played a shadow priest i ranked among the top 10% of the world for multiple parses (that can be found here: http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/us/saurfang/fuds/)

i can be contacted via real ID at: Spacewhale@live.com.au
Thank you for your time.

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