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After playing Holy for ages I switched to disc and am mainly doing atonement healing now.

But performing this sort of healing got me thinking - since my healing is based on the dmg I do, shouldn't I have Shadowpriest gear - aka int>haste>crit? I massed up a ton of mastery which I'm hearing is not great for shielding anymore and overall in raids I heal more than I shield. I know I get 15% hit with this spec so I don't even have to go for that.

I researched this and theorycrafters seem to dislike the idea. There isn't any definite build for disc priests who do atonement healing, either. Most ppl will tell you to go the classic int>spirit>mastery build but I'm suspecting atonement is different.

Has anyone tried this idea and seen some tangible results?

It really depends. Our mana regen is proportional to our spirit. We'll need to balance that with haste and crit in order to be sustainable. A few priests do go the

int>spirit>crit>haste> mastery

Or haste > crit

But it depends on the fights, your raid comp, your play, and of coure, your mana regen in combat. You'll be pretty useless with too much haste, becaues even though you'll be pumping out spells like mad, you won't be able to sustain it.
true enough. I had something like int>spirit>crit>haste in mind. Being a healer, spirit and mana is ALWAYS needed but I am curious about how the higher crit would translate to healing when it comes to atonement.
I'd imagine in an ideal world, crit would benefit us most. With crit heals we get absorbs, which benefit us greatly.

Personally, I want to test out crit=haste as a build.

But there must be some point at which crit has DR.
I can put in a good word here for you - Posted this in another thread as well but it pertains to this somewhat too:
Although people will probably see it as foolish, i went an all crit build in 5.1 and healed perfectly fine. This being said i also used atonement like crazy. All the crit gave more dps / heals in the end (as compared to mastery i doubt it, but i ran 10m so Crit worked fine).

Now in 5.2 ive read that haste has a strong place value so i tried an all haste build for my guild's off run on saturday. I can say that i was getting PoH off much quicker to deal with aoe situations and even get an extra one out for spirit shell. DA still does plenty of healing because i get more atonement spells off too. As a final verdict i'm choosing to do a priority of Crit >= Haste > Mastery

DA is very valuable to go along with a crit build now if you chose / like to use atonement healing. It will aid your dps (maybe enough to get through a burn phase or just thta little xtra to kill a progression boss) and give good throughput on skills seeing as the mastery you have should be buffing the heals + DA coming off from atonement.
Currently running SPR to about 10k > crit to about 17-18% > rest into mastery.

This prioritizes DA above the rest and remember that crit/mast play off each other now. Also remember that prioritizing haste last means you can "get away" with less SPR.

I think the question comes down to this: Which is more likely to overheal, Atonement or DA? Probably Atonement; at least DA lasts for 15sec. So currently I'm thinking crit > mast > haste to prioritize DA above Atonement. My Atonement is like 50+% of my healing anyway. But at least this way my DA accounts for like 25%.

Also because of how they changed Spirit Shell/PoH, I can see the advantage to having ~25% crit when you go to cast your PoH's under the effect of SS. If two or three of your PoH's crit, then those extra crit-portions are averaged out across all five party members. And if you have a good 28%ish mastery to go along with it, then you're getting pretty good mileage out of your SS at this point.

I'm constantly playing around with it at this point since the patch is so new, though.
I see what youre getting at there Maely and ive honestly thought about it. The haste reforge was much harder on my mana while crit was still very manageable. I would say its encounter specific as to whether my atonement overheals or not.

As far at ToT goes, overheals were not bad on Jin rok. There were very few at all on Horridon until the final enrage phase. And so far on our progression for Council i've had next to none as well. I'll toy around with mastery more i suppose but the haste definitely bumped up my aoe heals
This post will be in the point of view of gearing up an Atonement heavy Disc healer, and not a general Disc healer.

That being said the general model for a Disc healer right now is:

Int > Regen (to comfort) > Crit > Mastery > Haste

This basically applies to an Atonement healer as well, with the added caveat that throughput is even more important for you than it is for a dedicated healer. This means you should be flasking Int, gemming Int, etc. Look to your Trinkets and reconsider whether a DPS Trinket might be superior.

Haste is the best stat for raw DPS output, however Crit is the best stat for Atonement healing output. This is true because when Atonement crits it will proc DA, so in spite of having less DPS the DA proc will still create more overall healing.

The value of Mastery is proportional to your use of PW:S. The more you Shield, the more benefit you will get from Mastery. Note however that Mastery will not benefit you more than Crit, and it does not benefit your raw DPS output at all.

In either case you must also consider that Haste will run you into other issues with regen. If you stack Haste you will consequently need more regen.

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