[H] [25] <Adelante> (11/14H) LFM

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Who is Adelante?

<Adelante> is a friendly, long-term 25-man raiding guild that is dedicated to progression and is seeking exceptional players to push forward on heroic content in 5.4. We have been an established and tight-knit group since Vanilla that raids 3 days (9-12 hours) a week.

Progression and Recruitment
Siege of Orgrimmar - 11/14 Heroic
Current Recruitment Needs

However, if you are confident in your skill as a player and feel we are the right guild for you, please don't hesitate to apply.

Raid Schedule

We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 7:30 PM to around 11:30 PM EST. Raids will end no later than 12:00 AM EST. Invites go out about 30 minutes prior.

Loot Distribution

Loot is distributed through an officer run loot council. The aim is to spread the loot to where it will help the raid the most. Attendance, performance, and overall raid benefit are but a few of the things we consider when deciding who to give loot to. We feel that with the charms of good fortune this has become the preferred way to distribute loot the best in MOP.

Raider Expectations

• Before applying, be aware that the minimum ilvl requirement we look for is 560. Pushing progression means we cannot always go back to gear new applicants.

• We expect every player to show up on time, come prepared, and possess general knowledge of their class/spec along with the encounters.

• Your willingness to interact with others and overall attitude will also be observed throughout your trial period.

• We put a lot of effort into providing a comfortable raiding environment, and have fun with what we do. However, there is a difference between having fun and being careless. You are expected to understand when it is time to stop being silly and to be serious.

• Getting the most out of what you've been provided with is ideal here in <Adelante>. In other words, you should be striving to improve at all times. Socketing/enchanting your gear properly, and keeping yourself up to date on any of your class changes is required. Theory-crafting is always a plus, but is not mandatory. We will always seek out players that min/max.

• We require an 80% minimum attendance rate. If you feel that you wouldn't be able to uphold your attendance or have any issues with our raiding schedule, then this is most likely not the guild for you.

Website and Applying

We're looking for both dedication and experience in our applicants. When filling out an application, remember that it will be your first impression.

If you have any concerns, you are welcome to contact any of us personally via either in-game tells or mail.

Thank you for your interest in Adelante!
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As if that is going to help your numbers.
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Leveling my warlock, problem solved
Looking for Mages/Hunters, hell we'll take any ranged DPS at this point. We need to replace this Wuvius person ASAP.
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Looking for healing Priests, Druids and Paladins as well as all ranged DPS but Warlocks!
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