[H] [25] <Adelante> (11/14H) LFM

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Wouldn't be against having some healers apply. Please be at least 505 ilvl.
Needs more Death Knights.
iggi pls
Upped ilvl expectation to 510.
Working on heroic Horridon, need some DPS.
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Hey guys. I apped about a week ago and was declined cause my dps was pretty low for your standards. I am doing a lot better now with gear and skill wise and I wanted to know if it was worth applying again. here is my WOL log of current DPS in ToT LFR. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/anszvyjcn26yo553/ if you have the time to review it I would much appreciate it. I am still also looking for a social guild I could at least work my way up in at the very least. Thanks
Hi Flimsy, I remember your application. Our current mage is away on vacation, but will be back online soon. He can review you and speak with you privately then.

Edit: In the meantime, please keep working on your gear.
Thank you and I most certainly will. I have only been back like 4 weeks so I know I am way behind most of your core raiders but I have been good at getting almost every raid in before the week ends so every week my gear gets a lot better. Still working on my DPS too since I am new to frost. I need to get my activity to at least 90% still (Its like 80-85 on most fights). Might need a few trackers to help with cooldowns and such and maybe a better guide for frost dps. But anyways, thanks again for the reply ill keep in touch with you guys.
I had a great discussion on the mage forums and it looks like im not quite ready for heroic ToT. I need a little more work on my gear, on my cooldowns/uptimes and some of the boss mechanics. so If you guys still consider me thats great but, like what was discussed, im only really good for maybe the first couple fights in HToT. I will be avidly working to get all the above in order. Thanks again guys.
We'll be here. Good luck!

Omg Indie. Spam much?
Spot just came open for a Tank. http://www.adelante-guild.com/forums To app.
Yup, looking for a non-warrior tank, possibly holy pally heals - and always in need of more good dps!

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