LFM pvpers for arena 2s/3s/5s <horde>

As title suggests, my guilds pvper's(around 5-7) is getting together to start setting up some 2s/3s(maybe 5s depending on who we have) to do some arena(and rbg if we get enough) rating pushes this season, currently we have a lock, 2 dks(UH/F), 2 priest(S/D), warrior, hunter, and will be doing some arenas(only for the sake of having fun/learning who works well with who) and would like to invite other pvpers looking for fun rating pushs/points cap to join us. Anyone is welcome to join us(no guild invite needed) all we're asking is to come in to have fun, and once we get our comps setup will be going for some high ratings(aiming for 2k each team). Each member(minus 1 alt toon with almost ful mal) all are geared(having mixed gear is fine, dont mind helping gear) many have reached high ranks(1.8k+ almost all of us).

Required: have some gear, come join to have fun, and no raging(though just no HUGE OMFG rage, some matchs maybe recorded for a members youtube channel, though it'll be stated before case anyone doesnt want it to be for whatever reason.)

Hope to see any interested pvpers come by! Whisper myself in game or add my tag AndyE#1922 and put a msg why your adding me. :)

EDIT: 5s will be started once we get 1-2 more healers(1 healer atm) and get a comp up/practiced working together as for RBGs that will be figured out little later.

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