Holy paly wants to raid again!! Reliable!!

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Hey guys, as title says been away from the game for about a year been playing on and off as the wife and I had a baby so took time away from the game, looking to return to raiding again..
Used to raid in a heroic progression guild so I understand what is required, understand abbout wiping, I don't rage, I like to joke arous and have a good time raiding.. just want a shot at a guild and u guys won't be disappointed.. I'm dedicated player, reliable and always bring my stuff needed for raids.. My gears always hemmed enchanted to best it can be to suit my spec.. I'm in aus and looking for a 2 night a week guild, as have baby so don't want to commit to more then that.. Would like to stay horde but not a big deal..
Give me a trial and u won't be disappointed !!
I may be under geared but my heals are pro.. You invest in me and u won't need another holly pally again..
Forgot to add mop raiding exp is pretty minimal.. But very fast learner and I'm not a dumb player..
Hey mate, we are exactly what you're looking for.

Shadowscourge, Jubei'Thos horde, just moved here after 8 years raiding on Firetree.

Totally understand where you're at as i'm a married father of two (5 and 2 year olds) and my neighbour (a priest healer) is a father of a 5YO, 3YO and twin 1YO boys.

We raid Wed nights at 7:30pm server time and Friday nights at 6:30pm server time and are looking to re-fill our raid group after the move to JT.

You obviously have plenty of experience and we are always working on gearing and rep, very social and friendly but like to focus on progression when we need to.

Feel free to find us ingame and head along to our website for more information and our signup page :)

Even you feel we don't quite fit I wish you the best of luck bud, always good to see parents making the most of their time management ;)

Acaila#1342 If you are interested!
Hi there, i know we're an extra night, but the hours are short

I am recruiting for a late night 10man 11pm-2 or 3am PST (5pm Sydney time) 3 nights/week (Tue/Wed/Thu).

this is a secondary team in an already well-established 25man raiding guild who is, as of this post, 16/16n 4/16H, and 3/12 ToT.

add me if you'd like to discuss further

Hello there, hows it going.

I'm currently recruiting a new core team and i found your post and thought you may be interested in the giving it a shot for a Progression spot in the Team
Raid times are between 10PM-1AM Server Time (GMT+8) on Weds/Thurs/Sun. the guild is based on Thaurissan
Our environment is very laid back and relaxed, i like to have fun with members but also have abit or seriousness when it comes down to wanting to down a boss
you can check out the guild site at www.Wyvern.wowstead.com for more info if you need more
you can have a chat with me either through my email, Rhinohardstylez94@hotmail.com or contact me through battle.net id same as my email adress if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you soon :)
Hey there,

About Endurance:

Endurance was forged by a small group of friends for the purpose of creating a social interactive community. And after having great success in building up the guild we have started expanding for end game PvE content.

Now you may be asking what our progression is at and unfortunately as the guild was recently formed we currently have none as a guild. However, individually members of our team have years of raiding experience, from vanilla with 40man raids all the way to Dragon Soul Heroics to MoP raids. So if you are worried about there being no progression, please understand that we are experienced raiders but currently have not started progressing as a team as we are in need or more members for both teams before we can progress.
We are currently looking for members for:
1) A casual raid team that raids Thursday and Friday 8:30PM to 10:30PM ST (GMT+10)
2) A semi-hardcore raid team that raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 7:30 to 11:00PM ST (GMT+10)

1) Casual team:
Looking for members who want to have some raid exposure and who want to be part of a team who cannot dedicate hours and hours of time to raiding each week.

This raid team is currently looking for the following members:
• 1 Main Tank
• 1 Off Tank
• Melee DPS
• Range DPS
• 2 Healers (non priest)

2) Semi-hardcore team:
Looking for mature players that understand their character and role, complex raid mechanics and understand that whilst acquiring gear is a great short term goal, the most important aspect is seeing success with the raid team in end game content, together. We’re looking for members who want to focus on progression and know that performance is important. If you can show us that you are reliable and skilled then this is what we are looking for. In particular, we are looking for players who can make the majority of the raid nights consistently.

This raid team is currently looking for:
• Blood Death Knight
• Protection Warrior
• Protection Paladin
• Elemental Shaman
• Warlock
• Mage
• Hunter
• Retribution Paladin
• Frost Death Knight
• Restoration Shaman
• Holy Paladin
If you are interested in either team or the guild in general please hop onto http://endurance.guildlaunch.com and fill in an application, remembering the effort you put into your application reflects on the kind of player you. In addition, feel free to add me Matt#6978 for a chat
we are a 25man raid guild that raids on saturday and sunday, were from thaurissan, 10pm svt to 2am

2/13HM 10 man looking for 1 healer for our core team.

raid times:
Wednesday: 8pm-11pm ST(GMT+10)
Saturday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)
Sunday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)

For more info add: Rachel#1517

www.wipesforsale.com for applications.

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